It is really difficult to say how to choose pajamas and choose a marriage partner. Like choosing all close-fitting clothing, choosing a bar that doesn’t quite suit you and wearing it on yourself, that’s called an uncomfortable. Perhaps, this is also the reason why many people have worn pajamas and autumn pants for many years, even if they are too old to wear them, they are reluctant to throw them away and continue to wear them. Anyway, what is it, let me tell you today, cotton, silk, coral fleece, modal , which pajama material is more skin-friendly and comfortable? How to choose pajamas that suit you?

First, cotton pajamas, silk pajamas, coral fleece pajamas, etc., what is the difference between these pajamas?

| Cotton pajamas

Advantages: soft and skin-friendly, hygroscopic and breathable, are very good.

Disadvantages: bad plasticity, easy to deform and shrink, after a long time of sweat infestation, pajamas are easy to yellow and have a sweat smell.

| Silk pajamas

Advantages: The most significant feature of silk pajamas is smooth and soft, it can absorb sweat and secretions on the skin, maintain clean skin, and have a massage effect on the skin.

In addition, silk contains a variety of amino acids such as threonine, which can promote skin blood circulation, enhance skin metabolism, and prevent skin aging.

Disadvantages: Its disadvantage is that it is easy to fold, fade and deform, and it is not very convenient to take care of, which is a headache.

| Coral fleece pajamas

Advantages: The texture is fluffy and soft, and it will not shed hair without balling, nor will it irritate the skin.

Disadvantages: In the dry environment in winter, it is easy to generate static electricity.

| Modal pajamas

Most people probably don’t know what kind of material Modal is. In fact, it is a synthetic fiber, and to be specific, it is actually made of trees to make slurry, add solvents, and then spin it, which has been widely used in underwear, home textiles, and clothing fabrics.

Advantages: The fabric made of modal fiber has a beautiful color and a smooth and soft feel. Compared to cotton, its natural anti-wrinkle and iron-free ironing saves a lot of trouble to clean.

Disadvantages: easy to pill, affecting the beauty of clothing, production cost is relatively expensive.

Second, which pajama material is more skin-friendly and soft?

Among these three materials, to say which texture is more skin-friendly, you must mention cotton pajamas. First, cotton pajamas contain finer cotton fibers, soft and comfortable at the same time, warmth is better, the second is cotton pajamas have good sweat absorption, can absorb sweat on the surface of human skin, so that human skin feels clean and refreshing, so cotton pajamas are more skin-friendly and soft, and they are the most close and comfortable to wear.

3. How to choose comfortable pajamas?

1) Choose a comfortable pajama fabric

As we have already said, pajamas of different materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your preferences. From the health level, cotton is the best pajama fabric, comfortable to wear, warm and breathable, cost-effective, do not like to change at any time.

2) Pajama color is related to sleep quality.

Most young people, when choosing pajamas, tend to ignore the role of color for sleep and choose bright and jumping colors. Bright pajamas have no benefit to the quality of people’s sleep, it can have an impact on people’s vision, thereby affecting the relaxation of the human body’s spirit.

Therefore, in the color of pajamas, for the quality of your sleep, you still have to choose light and elegant colors such as off-white, light pink, light green, etc.

3) Pajamas should be loose size

Sleep must be comfortable, must not believe in the beauty of the body said on the Internet, wear tight pajamas to sleep, this will not only not improve the physical beauty of people, but is not conducive to blood circulation. Therefore, choose the size of your pajamas as large as possible so that your body can fully stretch out during sleep.

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