The whole house is customized, and the cabinet door adds a partial glass door, which can add color to the space, the vision is better, and it can also be used as a display function, but it is neat than open. Take a look at these examples today, whether they are the face you want in your heart.

▲ Bookcases and aisles share glass sliding doors, open bookcases to close the aisle, can also bookcase double doors dustproof, and high appearance

▲ TV wall full wall storage cabinet customization, using the form of layout display glass cabinet, so that the TV is centered, and the space is more atmospheric and vivid. The light processing space is more layered

▲The wardrobe is the same, the layout of local black glass cabinet doors, the space is more vivid; The vision is brighter and more textured

▲The bedroom wardrobe adopts a black border, a long rainbow glass door, the vision will not be messy, and the overall appearance is high

▲ TV storage cabinet, partially decorated with black glass frame, adding lighting effects to enhance the overall grade and warmth of the space

▲The addition of the glass cabinet door of the sideboard creates a warm atmosphere and can be more vivid and flexible visually

▲The addition of the partial glass cabinet door of the master bedroom cloakroom is firstly dustproof, and secondly, it makes the narrow space look visually enlarged and bright

▲The bedroom partial storage cabinet adopts a glass cabinet door, which can visually enlarge the space, and at the same time serve as a display role to make the space more textured and classy

▲ Dark decoration matching, the wardrobe adopts black-framed glass cabinet doors, the space is more textured, more modern and fashionable

▲ The bedroom wardrobe has a large area of white, and the layout of black glass glass doors is partially adopted as a display, while breaking the dullness of a large area, and can also visually stretch the height of the layer and enhance the texture of the space

▲TV wall L-shaped storage cabinet customization, white and partial glass cabinet door matching, the space is more flexible and fashionable

▲The partial glass door of the TV wall storage cabinet is added, the color is more layered, and the height of the layer is stretched, and the space is more vivid

▲The sideboard hanging cabinet is partially decorated with Changhong glass cabinet doors, stretching the layer, and the space is more vivid and fashionable

▲Large area of white wardrobe doors, decorated with partial black border glass doors, the space is more fashionable and layered

▲The large area glass cabinet door layout of the living room bookcase is visually brighter, and the atmosphere of lighting creates a more atmospheric and fashionable space

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