Speaking of Serenity, everyone must be familiar with her, Serenity is now one of the more well-known and senior film and television actresses, Jingjing is not only high-looking, outstanding temperament, but also has starred in many impressive film and television works with excellent acting skills. Serenity is brave enough to participate in offline activities, only wearing tulle in the mink coat, revealing the embarrassment inside, the 70s are really fighting for the concave shape, let’s take a look together!

In this set of offline activity photos, Serenity is wearing a black mink coat, the whole black mink coat belongs to a simple color matching of solid color coat style, of which the black color saturation is relatively high, the brightness is very low, it is a more versatile and not picky color, can well set off the fair texture of the skin tone of the quiet face, and visually plays a non-negligible white effect. The whole mink coat is simple and generous, which is very in line with the quiet and elegant temperament.

In the black mink coat, Serenity chose to match this black tulle top, the whole black tulle top is consistent with the mink coat in the color matching, black tulle and mink material characteristics are different, black tulle material is light, soft feeling, can perfectly integrate with the tranquil skin, the natural texture of the serene skin fully set off, the high neck collar design is the design focus of the entire black tulle top, well modified the quiet neck curve.

In order to avoid the visual monotony of the solid color top style, the entire black tulle top is superimposed with a black pattern embroidery design on the body, of which the black pattern plays a very good decorative effect, adding visual focus to the entire black tulle top. However, because the black tulle top is relatively light and thin, the exposed black underwear looks very clear, and the overall shape is more embarrassing, which shows that Serenity is really enough to fight for the concave shape of participating in offline activities this time.

It is worth noting that Serenity’s hairstyle this time is very personal, and the hair is tied up, which fully highlights the contours of Serenity’s face, making Serenity’s face look much more delicate and small. And the hair tied up by Serenity is specially designed to shape curly hair, in which the curly hair looks romantic and elegant, which effectively strengthens the aura of Serenity’s overall outfit. Silver earrings add a little metallic luster texture to Serenity’s overall outfit, which has a very good brightening effect, breaking the visual boredom of Serenity’s overall black outfit, and making Serenity’s overall outfit visually highlighted.

Underneath the black tulle top, Serenity chose to pair with these dark blue jeans, which have a natural slim shape that frames Serenity’s legs and makes Serenity’s leg curves look slimmer. The single-sided pants are superimposed with a white letter embroidery pattern, white cleverly enriches the overall color of Serenity’s outfit, and the black belt is also consistent with the entire black top in the color matching, cleverly linking Serenity’s overall outfit.

Serenity’s makeup this time is exquisite, the eyebrows are slender and slender, the eye makeup is natural and deep, and the light red lip makeup adds a lot of color to Serenity’s face, which has a very good embellishment effect, and also effectively strengthens the elegant and mature style texture of Serenity’s overall mink coat. I have to say that Jing Jing is really brave enough to participate in offline activities this time for concave shapes, and the mink coat only wears a layer of tulle, revealing the inner layer to look so embarrassing, the 70s are really hard.

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