Do you wear erotic lingerie?

Do you ask your partner to wear erotic lingerie?


I’m such a serious editor

Words like couple underwear

Definitely not in my life


In fact, even if you wear erotic underwear

I would never admit it


Just so tsundere~

Erotic lingerie is a piece of clothing that is of a private nature

Unlike other clothing, you can wear it at any time

And erotic lingerie

It’s basically in

It will come in handy in the dead of night

According to big data statistics

In 2011, it was aimed at people aged 20-30


23% don’t know what erotic lingerie is

9% expressed disgust at erotic lingerie and thought it was not serious

33% have never thought about buying erotic lingerie

will all think of one word

But today

Personal guess

The data will not increase much

After all, we are bound by traditional notions of sexuality

People always habitually label erotic lingerie with special labels

Even look at it in a different light

I feel that everyone who wears erotic underwear is all

Not a normal person


Even think that the word “fun” is difficult to say

When someone mentions “erotic lingerie”


In fact

And that makes sense

Erotic lingerie is OK

Excite and assist

Man’s desire for sex

If you analyze it from an objective point of view

【Erotic underwear】

It is a lifestyle with a sexual artistic artistic conception

This can enhance personal charm and self-confidence

At the same time, it can be very direct

Impact on the visual and sensory stimulation of the partner

emmm…. Even if you don’t have a partner

A lot of people

May belong to a depressed and anxious life for a long time

Become less confident

And erotic lingerie can help a person face themselves squarely

Don’t be bound by rules

Thus finding the autonomy to dress yourself

Re-examine your confident and beautiful self


Erotic lingerie isn’t just for girls

Boys can also have sex lingerie freely

Take garters, for example

Back in the Elizabethan period

Men don’t just wear garters

And will try to change the colorful style

A pair of garters does not only fix socks

You can also stock up on small items along the way

Later, it evolved into lace lace

Or write your own name

The stockings were originally designed for boys

It can be seen that everyone loves black silk


Costumes that can enhance the fun

Not just to please others

More to please yourself

After all, inner freedom is still important in the 21st century

Society is constantly improving

Our minds will also be constantly liberated

As for

Is it necessary to [


It also depends on personal understanding~

But one point must be emphasized

Emancipation is more of an ideological concept

It is not a fleshly unregulated indulgence

What is your understanding of erotic lingerie?

If there’s anything you want to know… knowledge

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Hard work fans guy~

will all think of one word

In fact


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