2017 New Kids Princess Dress Big Kids Little Girls Dress

This girl’s dress adopts a classic large skirt design, the stripes on the skirt are very beautiful, the front chest is decorated with a small bow, cute balloon sleeves, and a bow at the back waist to increase the beauty, especially beautiful when moving or fluttering in the wind

2017 new Korean version short sleeve princess dress

Short-sleeved little girl princess dress, classic elegant style, black and white collision, simple and comfortable to wear, with playful and cute accessories, add a bit of fashion fun, personality fashion and trend together.

New cotton and linen vest princess dress

This embroidered cotton and linen dress is recommended to all mothers, and it is not only cute to wear in summer, but also very breathable and cool, showing the gentleness of the baby’s temperament!

2017 new puffy dress for girls

This is a floral chiffon princess dress, delicate lace combined with light mesh, comfortable fabric without deformation, romantic lace neckline, fashion and comfort, delicate skirt, playful and cute, beautiful little fairy

Off-the-shoulder T-shirt dress two-piece set at sleeves

This stylish outburst suit, very attractive, personality bare shoulders, invisible softening of the shoulder beautiful lines, making the overall fashion doubled, elegant little duke, your princess wardrobe must-have.

2017 new little girl cheongsam dress

A very versatile dress, sweet and square round neck, elegant sheer placket, every girl has a princess dream, wear a beautiful skirt, ride in a carriage, fly!

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