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“Pale yellow long dress, fluffy hair”

Brushed the screen.

Overnight, this phrase “light yellow long dress, fluffy hair” has become the latest brainwashing sentence!

And this meme is from a recent very popular reality variety show —

“Youth with You 2”

Cai Xu Kun was the center in “Idol Producer,” making his debut in the group, 9 Percent. In this upcoming season, Cai Xu Kun replaces Lay as the PD. The mentors for this season are: Lisa, Ella, and Jony J. There will also be “X Mentors” which are unknown guests.

Cai Xukun was once the core character of “Idol Trainee”, which was his first appearance after joining the group 9 Percent. In this upcoming season, Cai Xukun will replace Zhang Yixing as the new producer. This season’s mentors are: Lisa, Ella, Chen Jiahua and Jony J. There will also be some mysterious guests “Mentor X”.

Since season 1 was only male trainees, season 2 will be only female trainees. Trainees are from different entertainments and SNH48 Group. Only nine from the 109 trainees will be selected through viewers’ votes and debut as a group.

Since Season 1 will only have male trainees, Season 2 will only have female trainees. The students came from different entertainment institutions and girl idol group SNH48. Of the 109 trainees, only 9 will be voted on by the audience and will make their debut as a group.

After the show was broadcast, the rap of “light yellow long skirt, fluffy hair” continued to dominate the hot search list, causing a wave of discussion.

“Youth with You 2” is an idol girl group competition training reality show, through a 4-month training, 9 people will be selected from 109 trainees to form a new idol group to debut.

Several instructors were hired to guide the students in dance, music, and rap.

Among them, the rap mentor of the show is a hip-hop singer who has previously participated in “China Has Hip Hop”

Jony J

He is also regarded as a leader in the Chinese rap industry.

But no matter how strong a teacher encounters a student whose foundation is too poor to save, he can only be embarrassingly silent.

The whole lyrics of “light yellow long skirt, fluffy hair” are actually well written, but when sung from the mouth of trainee Li Xining, I always feel that there is a gloomy atmosphere.

And Qin Niu Zhengwei, who was frequently searched before, was also jokingly called “tenacious” by netizens when singing rap

Poetry reading

After listening to the duo’s poetry recitation rap, Jony J, as a mentor, fell into deep thought… (Is this game a refund or not?) )

After teaching again and again without success, Jony J thought to himself: This class of students is also too difficult to bring!

Netizens then felt sorry for Mr. Jony J, who had just been upgraded to a milkman, “This milk powder money is not easy to earn, career challenges one after another!” ”

Even Jony J’s good brother GAI also posted on Weibo that he felt sorry for our bean sprouts.

In addition to feeling sorry for Mr. Jony J, netizens also strongly reacted that this melody was too high, and after listening to it a few more times, it was already inextricable, and even evolved into a sound that could hear the text.

Just two lyrics, has already made netizens sleep all night,

Not to mention Jony J, who has felt stereo surround, it is definitely unforgettable.

After “light yellow long skirt, fluffy hair” became popular, stars also played this terrier, and some even covered it.

Ms. Yang Tianzhen used a paragraph

“Hot mouth rap”

It showed everyone what is called “martial arts in the world, only fast and not broken”. (Anyway, I can’t hear what is said)

Liu Yan also posted his cover video, accompanied by thunder, inexplicably shouting Mai.

But the most recognized is the version sung by VAVA, and netizens have heard that this is the right way to open this song!

So after listening to it for so long, who exactly is “light yellow long skirt, fluffy hair” singing?

Are you talking about him?

Or is it talking about him?

No matter who it’s singing, do you know how “long pale yellow dress, fluffy hair” is said in English?

Today, the British University will popularize science about what are the English expressions related to “light yellow” and “long skirt”!

First of all, there are so many kinds of yellow, what kind of yellow is “light yellow”?

When it comes to “light yellow”, the first thing that many people think of should be

light yellow

, that is, “light yellow”, but the category of “light yellow” is actually relatively large, so there are many expressions.

Like what

Canary Yellow

, can also mean light yellow, its English meaning is a moderate yellow colour, sometimes with a greenish tinge, so this yellow may have a little pale green.

straw means straw,

straw yellow

As the name suggests, it means “straw yellow”, which is also light yellow.

Finally, a yellow color —

Primrose yellow

(primrose yellow), this yellow color is also a pale yellow.



It is a pale yellow flower that blooms in spring, called European primrose, so primrose yellow is the color of this flower.

After reading the English expression of “light yellow”, what are the English related to long skirts?

A-line skirt

What we call an A-line skirt is a skirt with a slightly upturned tail and an overall look like a capital A.


It is a culotte, and although it is the structure of the pants, it looks like a skirt.

Gored skir

T, or pleated skirt, is a skirt that fits well from the waist to the hem.

This kind of skirt can be traced back to the 14th century, and it was more popular in the 19th century, and it is now considered a classic dress.

Circle skirt, a skirt cut in sections to make one or more circles with a hole for the waist, so the skirt is very full but hangs smoothly from the waist without darts, pleats, or gathers.

Round skirt means that the skirt circumference is composed of part of the circle or several circles, a hole is made in the waist, the skirt type has a relatively large hem, but the waist is generally no omission structure, no dark needles, folds or pleats.

Full skirt,, a skirt with fullness gathered into the waistband.

An umbrella skirt, a skirt that tuck clothes into your waist.

The pleated skirt that girls love to wear is in English

Pleated skirt

, pleated is an adjective, Chinese means “pleated”, hence the name pleated skirt.

The inverted pleated skirt is called

Inverted pleated skirt

, the pleats of this skirt will be much less than that of pleated skirts. Since the 20s of the 20th century, box pleated skirts have become a basic style.

Straight skirt or Pencil skirt, a tailored skirt hanging straight from the hips and fitted from the waist to the hips by means of darts or a yoke; may have a vent or kick-pleat set in the hem.

a straight skirt or straight long skirt, a skirt that hangs straight down from the hips and is fixed from the waist to the hips by darts or yokes; Vents or skirting pleats can be placed on the hem for easy walking.

Wrap or wraparound skirt, a skirt that wraps around the waist with an overlap of material.

A wrap skirt, a skirt that wraps a layer of material around the waist.

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