Hangzhou citizen Ms. Chen’s daughter, Niu Niu, will enter the first grade of primary school next Monday. Two weeks before enrollment, Ms. Chen was busy according to the “New Student Admission Handbook” issued by the teacher in the parent group, in addition to completing the admission procedures, she also had to complete another major task – on Tmall to bring the stationery that her children needed



The stationery purchase list for elementary school students can be said to be exhaustive: eco-friendly HB pencils, 24-color professional watercolor pens that can be filled with ink, round-topped safety scissors, art toolboxes… Ms. Chen found more than a dozen things on Tmall, spending a total of more than 500 yuan, which made her sigh that “raising a baby can’t afford to hurt.”

“We go to school



A wooden pencil with only two cents a piece, sharpened with a knife himself,


There is an automatic pencil

Can show off for days

On Tmall

to know

Today’s children’s stationery is already so professional. She said,

Buy good stationery

The overhead is not small

, but for the sake of children,

No amount of investment is worth it

Tmall school season data shows that the transaction volume of documents in the past week increased by 60% year-on-year, 3


The proportion of consumers between the ages of 40 is over


The children of the “post-80s” have reached the age of attending primary and secondary schools, and buying school equipment for their children has naturally become the last task of parents in the summer.

Consumers are no longer satisfied


The basic function also requires that the product material is safe and environmentally friendly, the use experience is friendly, and the appearance has design

Feel. Different

The post-80s and post-90s memories of the same stationery used by the class

Student days

, “post-10s” and their parents can choose on Tmall

Performance upgrade of domestic old brand and

Each with its own characteristics

Global brand

Smart eye pen, posture pen, pencil that keeps writing

Wait on Tmall


。 The eyebrush can detect the sitting position and distance when writing, and once the face is too close to the paper, the nib will automatically retract; German brand Bairijin launched a student-specific fountain pen that uses ergonomic design to help correct the grip, there are more than ten different colors, and it needs to be matched with special ink… Parents’ concerns about the health and study habits of the “post-10s”

It’s new

The driving force behind stationery

Tmall’s product review page



It has become a gathering place for parents’ voices.

My baby is in the fourth grade this year, but writing is


One of the biggest headaches, in order to change her font and grasp the pen posture, so that the writing is neat, I did not spend less money

Some people may be too expensive and think that why should elementary school students use such expensive pens


I want to tell the majority of parents that we don’t think about how much a pen costs, as long as the child writes well and holds the pen posture correctly, it doesn’t feel expensive.


White-collar workers and college students also joined the stationery hoarding tide in the school season,

Make a batch of IP licenses

and niche designer brands

Ushered in a round of sales peaks.

Italian stationery brand Moleskine sells the Little Prince, Snoopy, during Tmall

, Pokémon

Although the price of IP cooperation notebooks is not low, it has long been popular among handbook enthusiasts.

The veteran domestic Chenguang exclusively released the Voyager King Black Gold Opening Gift Box on Tmall, and it was also before


Notebooks authorized by Van Gogh Museum and British Museum, Luhan concept stationery gift box, etc.

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