46-year-old actress Tianxin recently posted her recent photos on social platforms, she wore a low-key and luxurious gold bandeau gown, creating an elegant and charming outfit, making a dignified and atmospheric style presented.

Some shimmering gold-tone sparkling diamonds adorn the skirt for a romantic look in the light, with layered pleats and a nipped-in bandeau cut to create a three-dimensional effect.

Tianxin’s appearance with Qi bangs has not changed much, although she has entered middle age, but she is still very well maintained, her curly hair is very gentle, her figure is also very girly, the simple bandeau dress can expose the collarbone line, the whole person’s figure has become much slender, and the visual effect is quite good.

The slight pleats on the bandeau dress look chic, extending from the neckline to the hem, and the split design shows off her slender legs between walks.

Many female celebrities will wear a blazer over the bandeau dress, combining elegance and intellectuality, her generous and confident appearance looks very advanced, the design of the simple fit can modify the line of the figure, make her waist more slender, and her smile looks very atmospheric.

Tianxin’s face has no traces of wrinkles, Qi bangs add a bit of girlish style, pleated lines shuttle through the skirt, creating a shining and romantic beauty, shimmering fine light and shadow in the light, matching her red lip makeup with an excellent beautiful atmosphere, and the golden dress full of celebrity style wears a sense of luxury.

The shiny and shiny gold gown is embellished with beads on the tulle, and the embroidered lines that flow are fresh, and the lines that loom are heartwarming.

The simple bandeau cut and high-waisted design are embroidered with sequins to embroider her aesthetic sense of luxury, which sets off her skin tone more fairly.

Bead embellishments can sparkle, but the dense lines don’t feel complicated, and the dress she chooses are simple and neat, and the effect of spreading branches and leaves is quite eye-catching.

In addition to the shiny gold dress, there is also a fairy white chiffon dress, the one-shoulder design of the pleated skirt has an irregular beauty, and a gold belt makes the romantic fairy air perfectly radiate.

In the forest, Tianxin’s look of lowering his head and lowering his eyes is really agile.

Tianxin has played many classic roles, and her appearance has not changed much until now, and her skin tone is also fair. The white layered dress gives people the feeling of fresh and natural, and more gentle, and the heart of the sky with the floral necklace is intellectual and romantic, and at the same time more girly.

The 46-year-old goddess of Tianxin is full of style! Wearing a golden dress shines and moves, it’s quite beautiful, do you think Tianxin’s dress looks good?

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