The couple of Qiu Cera Xuan and Yu Xiaoguang, who combine China and South Korea, is even sweeter than Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan. Yu Xiaoguang was originally the image of a rough man, but under the help of his wife Qiu Ceraxuan, he instantly became a handsome Korean Oppa, and the improvement of clothes made Yu Xiaoguang’s whole temperament different. The two attended the event together, Yu Xiaoguang was one meter eight tall, with a coat and suit pants, it really had a bit of Korean Oppa feeling, and the height advantage was too obvious.

In fact, Yu Xiaoguang’s height is quite suitable for wearing coats, because the general coats are knee-length and need to be supported by height. This gray coat, with a beige turtleneck sweater, is completely the standard Han Fan men’s outfit, to say that the wife Qiu Cera Xuan’s aesthetic is still good, successfully turned a northeastern tough guy into a Korean opa, temperament with the change of clothes, the whole person has become young and handsome, I don’t know, I thought that Qiu Cera Xuan was looking for a Korean husband.

In fact, why Han Fan’er is loved by many people, a large part of it is because of its simplicity, from Yu Xiaoguang’s men’s style can be seen, gray tweed coat, pure color simple atmosphere, the inside is also light color beige, creating a warm feeling, with light gray suit pants, and a sense of formality, this outfit, whether in life or work are not contrary, personal temperament comes out.

Compared with our winter like to choose dark clothes, Han Fan’er dresses but prefers light-colored clothing, regardless of men and women, so the final feeling presented is quite warm, warm and healing winter style, followed by Han Fan’er The biggest feature of dressing is simplicity, not too complicated design, simple and clear, even the color is to choose a solid color, without any matching, the overall presentation of the style is quite clear, minimalist fashion, so many times you can easily wear personal temperament.

Dressing her husband up so handsome and gentleman, Qiu Ceraxian is also more and more young, and a printed long dress is worn on her, not only does not have any tacky feeling. On the contrary, she is full of temperament, stepping on a pair of donkey shoes, and does not hide any of her temperament. Her long hair with a gentle shawl is the best testimony to her gentleness. However, although Qiu Ceraxuan’s outfit is good-looking, it does not have much Han Fan’er temperament, and the simple printed long skirt feels casually selected, without too much sense of design.

The slim fit fits the body better, so that her curves and waist are perfectly displayed. But this temperament is still strengthened in the slightest, I don’t know if Ernie spent the time and energy of choosing clothes on dressing up her husband, but ignored herself, feeling that this dress is too ordinary, with a pair of nude donkey shoes, and did not show her beautiful ankle curve If you choose a pair of stiletto heels, the effect may be much better.

The two attended the event together and felt that they were still men and women, quite right, Yu Xiaoguang was originally tall, but also quite suitable for wearing a coat, with a turtleneck sweater, the whole person’s temperament has become different, gentle and elegant, there is a gentleman’s temperament, sure enough, people rely on clothing, dress up a little, a rough man in the northeast, immediately became a handsome and elegant Korean Oppa.

Qiu Porcelain Xuan’s appearance is not low, and the temperament is even more gentle and elegant, otherwise such a flowery printed long skirt, it is impossible to wear such an amazing temperament, or wear a personal flavor, but there is not much Han Fan’er temperament, if you choose a Han Fan’er outfit, then the two are really very good-looking, feel that this pair of donkey shoes, really did not show her beautiful temperament, or have reservations, but her husband is still dressed up by her very handsome.

Sure enough, how a man’s clothes are, it depends on his wife, Yu Xiaoguang’s Han Fan’s outfit really shows his big and tall advantages.

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