In the past, dressing in black was cool and temperamental. But now, the black outfit has become dull and sloppy. In fact, black can be said to be the most versatile and safe color, not only with any color is harmonious and not obtrusive; And when you don’t know what color to wear, wear black. But how can a black look look shine? Guo Jingjing’s pure black outfit is a “textbook-like” black dressing manual.

Those who are familiar with Guo Jingjing know that her daily outfit is really low-key and simple, wearing a five-cent hair ring, carrying a hundred yuan bag, a set of dresses repeatedly worn, and sometimes buying street stalls, which is a “hundreds of billions of Kuotai” that is the least like Kuota. However, Guo Jingjing, who wears very simple and casual in daily wear, still wears formal dresses when attending formal occasions.

Being diligent and thrifty does not mean that she has no clothes and no taste, and she is really very good when she wears seriously! This time, Guo Jingjing wore a black dress with a sable fur coat, with a graceful and luxurious temperament. Guo Jingjing, who is no longer simple, finally has a “wealthy fan” in his outfit, and his black match is still full of nobility.

Although all of them are monotonous black, Guo Jingjing’s belt is indeed bright rose red, the belt is decorated by several strands of rope through woven flowers, adding a touch of rose red to the black of the whole body, not only breaking the oppressive monotony of pure black wear, but also protruding from the waist line, making the body proportion look better.

As we all know, although fur clothing has a sense of luxury and good warmth, it is generally relatively wide and fluffy, easy to cover the figure, and it is also particularly easy to show fat and strong. However, Guo Jingjing’s clothes are really very good, and she chose a short fur coat. Girls know that short clothing can appear to have good proportions and long legs. The short fur has the same effect, and with a rose red belt, it looks tall and long.

I have to say that Guo Jingjing really likes to wear black, and she also likes to use rose red to match black. Especially the black cheongsam, she must wear a black cheongsam with a fuchsia clutch. The bright color of fuchsia relieves the monotony caused by the black of the whole body, and also gives the shape a touch of brightness and attention. This color contrast matching method, similar to “color contrast”, can make the overall look more fashionable.

Guo Jingjing’s other set of sequin cheongsam looks also uses this rose-pink clutch. Compared with some stars, the dress is never repeated, and a package of multi-purpose Guo Jingjing is really worthy of being the most diligent and thrifty “100 billion Kuotai”. This cheongsam garment, with the addition of sequins and slim design, shows the proportion and line of the body; Sequins break the dullness of the black style, not only do not look monotonous, but more feminine.

However, Guo Jingjing, who has good clothes, can not only “contrast” when dealing with black outfits. There is also a simple and atmospheric black and white color matching method, white stand-up collar suit with black printed top and black long skirt, which at first glance is quite monotonous and simple, but in fact it is also full of “scheming”.

The whole body is only black and white, and the matching is simple, but the two short tops play a role in modifying the proportions of the body; The white print of the top echoes the color of the white suit, making the overall black and white combination more harmonious and without a sense of separation.

If it is a person with a more atmospheric temperament, simple clothing can highlight her figure and temperament more. Guo Jingjing’s outfit is like this, so many of her clothes take the simple texture route, and those bells and whistles are not suitable for her. I have to say that Guo Jingjing’s clothes are really unusual, not only found the right style of dressing very early, but also can wear their own low-key atmosphere. Her black outfit is also worth learning from.

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