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They are heroic fighters who arrest murderers and face life and death, criminal investigation experts who overcome difficulties and solve difficult and difficult cases, masters of criminal technology who explore clues to reproduce the scene, and loyal defenders who dedicate their youth to the criminal investigation cause…

Recently, 80 candidates for criminal police officers in the selection of the “40 Best Talents” of the criminal investigation front of the provincial public security organs have been freshly “released”, and the “dragon police” online new media on the official platform of the provincial public security department will carry out concentrated publicity in four batches (20 people per batch). The event will finally select the “Top Ten Experts” in four categories: case solving, fugitive, investigation and judgment. It is hoped that all sectors of society and the general public will actively pay attention, always support the criminal investigation work of our province, and encourage all police officers to jointly protect our beautiful home.

In the face of a difficult case file full of doubts, he uses the wise thinking of a hunter; In the face of intricate on-site inspections, he used loyalty to “testify” to the law; Faced with the confusing crime scene, he used traces to let the facts “speak”. Kuang Zhiyong, captain of the criminal technology brigade of the Ning’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, who has been rooted in the grassroots for 28 years, has tempered his strong qualities, bravely acted as a sharp soldier in solving cases, and forged the criminal technology team into a sharp sword of public security.

Love and wisdom: Quickly open the deadlock in the case

Kuang Zhiyong, who has dreamed of becoming a police officer since he was a child and admired Sherlock Holmes, immediately used his latest knowledge to sort out and examine the on-site materials and material evidence of several previous murders after completing his training at the Criminal Police Academy.

Based on the wisdom generated by erudition and good thinking, he will always let the breakthrough shine when the case detection is deadlocked. When analyzing and studying the scene of the robbery and murder of Zhang in Ning’an City on May 24, 2003, he determined that the suspect in the case should be a woman through the examination of the scene. Although the special case team had doubts, it still adjusted the direction of investigation with the attitude of trying it out, and after investigation, it was found that Wang Mou, the deceased’s neighbor, was suspected of a major crime, and Kuang Zhiyong immediately compared the physical evidence extracted at the scene with the criminal suspect, and finally determined that Wang was indeed a criminal suspect, pointing out the direction for the investigation.

In 2006, several burglary cases occurred in several high-end residential communities in Ning’an. Kuang Zhiyong found major clues during the on-site investigation of this series of theft cases. During the analysis of the facts of the case, he strongly advocated the joint investigation of the case, and after asking the leaders of the bureau, the important clues extracted from the scene of the three cases were sent to the criminal technology corps of the provincial department for examination, and after the inspection, it was determined that they were the same, thus using material evidence to unify everyone’s understanding, and set up a special case team to conduct joint investigation. In June 2009, Li was detained by the Hailin Municipal Public Security Bureau for drunk driving, and the relevant physical evidence was determined by the Criminal Technology Corps of the provincial department to be retained by the same person as the three cases sent for inspection previously. So far, the case value of more than 1.3 million yuan in Ning’an, Dongning County and Muring City from 2006 to 2009 has been solved, and more than 60 “lone wolf” style climbing balcony theft crimes have been solved.

Meticulous and persistent: break through the bottleneck of the case in time

“Meticulousness is the most basic trait of criminal technical police.” Kuang Zhiyong adheres to the rigorous and meticulous work style, and his persistent spirit of not admitting defeat, he can often find details that others cannot find, interpret more useful criminal information, and open the bottleneck for case detection.

On 21 January 2004, the body of an unknown woman was found in a wooden box in front of a resident’s house in Ning’an City. During the site inspection, no valuable leads were found. Kuang Zhiyong extracted the wooden box to the laboratory for examination, and finally extracted the key physical evidence using the advanced and most cumbersome technology at that time. In April 2004, the suspect in this case, Tang, was arrested by the Xi’an Branch of the Mudanjiang City Public Security Bureau, and Tang confessed that on January 19, 2004, he killed two women in a rented room in a residential building in Mudanjiang City and threw their bodies in front of a resident’s house in Ning’an City. The body of another victim was thrown into another county, because the room was rented by the landlord after the crime, and no valuable trace material evidence was extracted at the first scene or the other body throwing scene, and this trace material evidence extracted by Kuang Zhiyong is even more valuable.

Repeatedly survey the site and ask for evidence from the site. On December 23, 2014, a murder and burning case occurred in a village in Ning’an City, and after the victim Wang was killed, he was poured with gasoline and burned by the perpetrator. After Kuang Zhiyong arrived at the scene, he held the belief that he would never accept the troops without extracting key physical evidence, repeatedly and meticulously inspected the scene that had been seriously damaged, and finally extracted important physical evidence on a partially charred mobile phone, and successfully locked the suspect in this case as the deaf and mute Lu Mou, a resident of the same village as the victim.

Struggle and dedication: Accurately capture case evidence

Under the premise that the level of “hardware” such as technical means is relatively flat, the key to determining whether a case can be quickly and accurately solved is the selfless hard work and unrepentant dedication of the criminal technical police as “software”.

In May 2010, during the investigation of a series of extraordinarily serious homicides in which Su killed four people in Ning’an City, Kuang Zhiyong took the lead and resolutely went down to the vegetable cellar where the corpse was hidden, resisted the rancid smell, and began the clean-up work. Under his leadership, after 6 hours of high-intensity work, a number of physical evidence were extracted fixedly, which provided strong evidence support for the final death sentence.

In the urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks, Kuang Zhiyong silently practiced his responsibility to the party and the people. On the evening of October 10, 2015, a bundled and wrapped male corpse was found on the bank of a river in a village in Ning’an City. At that time, less than half a year after Kuang Zhiyong’s crushed fracture of the tibial fibula in his right calf, two steel plates were fixed inside. But the facts of the case were orders, and he immediately plunged into the scene investigation and physical evidence examination, dragging his swollen right leg in pain, risking the risk of a second fracture, and stepping on the investigation again and again with his comrades, looking for possible dumping sites, studying and analyzing physical evidence. Finally, clues were extracted from the corpse package, and after comparison, the suspect Zhang was finally locked.

Since his 28 years in the police, Kuang Zhiyong has won many commendations and won personal third-class merit once, and has been awarded the honorary titles of professional case-solving expert and excellent administrator of the on-site investigation system in the province, and was named the National Excellent On-site Investigator in 2017 by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security; At the same time, he was elected as a representative of the 5th Congress of the CPC Ning’an City and the 11th Congress of the CPC Mudanjiang City. Over the years, he has led the team to strive to improve the quality of case scene investigation, and has always ranked among the best in the province’s on-site inspection assessment.

The police are not afraid of solving the case, and thousands of strands of “willingness” are studied. Kuang Zhiyong gave full play to the spirit of not fearing thousands of difficulties and dangers, and with the tenacity and responsibility of a grassroots criminal technical police, he led the team members to continue to fight on the front line of combating criminal offenses, extracting valuable material evidence, severely punishing crimes and safeguarding the dignity of the law. (Wu Hetian)

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