Recently, Yabao Furniture Co., Ltd. fell into the suspicion of solid wood fraud, the company’s employees broke the news that Henan Yabao Furniture Co., Ltd. in the production process of solid wood, board and other skin pretending to be high-end solid wood furniture (represented by the “tabby wood rhyme” series), some pure solid wood furniture sold on the market, most of them are processed from ordinary wood or multi-layer boards, granular boards and other boards. The employee said, “It’s to fool these ordinary people who don’t understand.”

Henan Yabao Furniture in the furniture industry in recent years can be described as “flourishing”, surrounded by “excellent enterprises in China’s furniture industry”, “famous trademarks in Henan Province”, “Henan star best enterprises” and other halos… After more than ten years of development, Yabao Furniture has now become a leading enterprise in the furniture manufacturing industry in Henan Province.

Employees broke the news: the board is skinned into solid wood, and the imported wood is “pure flickering”

According to the employee, Albemarle Furniture’s highest-grade “tabby wood rhyme” series on the market claims to be tabby wood produced in tropical and subtropical South America, all imported wood, and the overall wood of the furniture is tabby wood from the inside out, 100% solid wood. In fact, when really making tabby wood series furniture, ordinary wood is used, and the plywood is mostly solid wood multi-layer board, MDF, and after veneer and paint, it becomes fully imported tabby wood furniture. Albemarle is about to launch the French solid wood series of Albemarle furniture, and it is also claimed to be imported high-grade solid wood furniture, and the main material is all made of larch. These so-called high-grade solid wood furniture, many of the materials used are solid wood multi-layer board, high-density board, solid wood particle board and other boards, pasted with a layer of solid wood veneer, brushed with paint, pretending to be all kinds of solid wood furniture. In addition, some non-load-bearing parts such as the headboard of the bed in the bedroom furniture of the Famanli series are formed by plastic at one time, and then through spray painting, hand-painted patterns and other processes, they also act as part of the solid wood furniture.

According to the employee, the manufacture of high-grade solid wood furniture of Albemarle Furniture is full of wood to make furniture, coupled with the fact that the technical means of plate “skinning” are very mature, it is difficult to distinguish, and it has become more serious in recent years. Ordinary boards coming in from the surrounding board market in Zhengzhou generally use MDF, solid wood multi-layer board, granular board, etc., and recently used boards such as Shaanxi ZTE, Heze Baishida, Ningfeng, Dadi and other manufacturers, and even abandoned bridge formwork on the construction site.

“Ordinary boards pasted with ashwagandha veneer become ashwagandha solid wood furniture, pasted with elm veneer becomes elm furniture, the surface of the furniture through veneer, welt, spray paint and other processing, can achieve the degree of falsehood. Unless the furniture is sawn, it is impossible to see it, but who will sawn tens of thousands of dollars of furniture? In fact, it is to fool those consumers who do not understand,” the employee said, pulling the board back to their own skin (solid wood veneer and furniture leather), making solid wood and panel furniture respectively. The purchase of the factory eats a lot of rebates from these manufacturers every year, of course, the factory is not stupid, and the goods supplied are also known as E1 level environmental protection plates, in fact, the formaldehyde content is very high.

Survey: Tabby wood is just the name plank combined with high-grade solid wood

“Tabby Wood Rhyme” is a brand promoted by Albemarle Furniture Solid Wood Series. Advertisement: The “Tabby Wood Rhyme” series is made of 100% solid wood, all made of high-grade tabby wood from tropical and subtropical Latin America, which is a scarce tree species that takes more than 100 years to mature. However, according to insiders, the so-called “tabby wood” does not have this item in the customs declaration list of domestic customs.

In recent years, the domestic solid wood furniture market has been repeatedly criticized, in 2011 CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” because of the report “Da Vinci furniture incident” set off an uproar in the domestic furniture market, Da Vinci furniture claims to be made by Italian precious wood pure handmade, a double bed of more than 300,000 is made of a polymer resin material, large core board and MDF, the carved part of the furniture is not carved by hand, but mold molding. This could not help but surprise the people. Millions of furniture are also fraudulent, and the people can’t help but sigh: “Is there real solid wood furniture in China?”

Located on the second floor of Ou Kailon Furniture Plaza on Huanghe Road, Nanyang Road, there is a direct store of Yabao “Tabby Wood Yun”. The price of a set of solid wood sofas sold by the store is basically about 30,000 yuan, and a set of living room furniture is nearly 60,000 yuan. The living room, dining room, and bedroom are fully furnished for hundreds of thousands of yuan. According to the clerk, the “tabby wood rhyme” series sold in the store are all made of the top tabby wood from Bamua New Guinea, which is a high-grade hardwood imported from South America. Only a layer of varnish processing on the surface of the home, and then the surface is coated with water-based paint, after brushing water-based paint, the original grain of tabby wood remains unchanged, the color is more beautiful, and the paint is painted because of the environmental protection and beauty of the furniture.

According to the workers of the Yabao Furniture Factory, the so-called 100% solid wood furniture in this series, in fact, only the surface of the furniture is made of multi-layer solid wood board, but the veneer is made of walnut and other ordinary wood, and the plywood uses solid wood multi-layer board and high-density board. After polishing, painting, drying and other processes, it can be transformed into high-end furniture processed from so-called precious wood, “We have never seen tabby wood, how can there be so many imported wood,” the worker said.

This situation is not only tabby wood rhyme this series, such as Heyiju red cherry series, Heyiju elm series, etc. are also called wooden furniture. But these so-called wooden furniture, most of the materials use compression board, high-density board, and MDF. are all made of board furniture, which is pasted with a layer of solid wood veneer and painted, which is called all kinds of wooden furniture. But this one does not dare to call it all solid wood, or 100% solid wood. It’s just called wooden furniture, as ordinary people don’t know the “trickiness” in this, many of them have been “fooled” by fake real workmanship. Consumers generally believe that the so-called solid wood furniture is very weighty and heavy. In fact, the furniture of solid wood is small in density and not too heavy. For example, these low-priced furniture looks like solid wood on the surface, but in fact it is mostly a layer of “solid wood veneer”.

The largest processing plant of Yabao furniture is located in Jindai Industrial Park, South Third Ring Road, Zhengzhou City, and the more high-end Famanli series to be launched this year is from the factory, and the white furniture materials of this series are basically selected as compression versions and MDF. The dark color is relatively good multi-layer board, solid wood particle board, and the wood is declared to be made of pure solid wood, larch and other precious wood. According to the investigation, in order to save costs during the production and processing of Albemarle, some of the bedside of bedroom furniture are made of resin materials, and the surface is painted with hand-painted patterns, which is not easy to be found at all. Because the bed has to bear weight, it is made of solid wood, but this solid wood is not the claimed imported high-grade solid wood, but ordinary wood is pasted with “the skin of good wood”. But what is claimed to the outside world is “a full set of precious wood”. In this way, the price of an ordinary bed is often tens of thousands of yuan. In the warehouse on the first floor of the factory, the board for the production of furniture, the fiberboard, MDF, and compression board used in ordinary board furniture. These plates are taken from some plate processing plants in Shaanxi and Shandong. The brands used are Shaanxi Zhongxing Wood, Heze Baishida Wood, Heze Ningfeng Wood, Heze Dadi Wood, etc. The Yabao furniture processing factory located in Xinmi is a processing plant for the production of solid wood furniture, such as tabby wood rhyme, Huiyaxuan and other high-grade solid wood series.

Friendly reminder: The concept of solid wood furniture has three polishing your eyes and not being fooled

According to furniture industry professionals, solid wood furniture can be divided into pure solid wood, solid wood, solid wood veneer furniture. Before May 1, 2009, the definition standards of solid wood furniture were relatively vague, resulting in the confusion of “as long as there is a solid wood can be sold as solid wood furniture” in the furniture market. Until the official implementation of the new version of the national standard “General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture”, the specific definitions of “all solid wood furniture”, “solid wood furniture” and “solid wood veneer furniture” were strictly clarified for the first time.

Among them, pure solid wood furniture refers to furniture whose parts are made of solid wood; Solid wood furniture is also called plank wood combined furniture, that is, the countertop, table (chair) legs and other frames are made of solid wood, and the side panels, bottoms, tops, partitions and other parts are made of wood-based panels (MDF, particle board, etc. are wood-based panels). Solid wood veneer furniture is made of wood-based panels, and the surface is decorated with solid wood veneer.

Many consumers think that solid wood furniture is furniture made entirely of solid wood, and merchants say that according to the “rules” in the industry, as long as the solid wood material exceeds 30%, it can be called “solid wood furniture”. To sum up, the solid wood furniture market is very chaotic, there are false false publicity, shoddy charging and other phenomena, consumers must pay attention to distinguish the real and fake when buying solid wood furniture, to prevent being deceived.

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