— ❶ —

Trademark spoof, a tribute at the same time

From childhood, when we were not literate, we can remember trademarks. Whether it is home appliances or clothing, which patterns have become another logo of the brand. Nowadays, naughty designers say that the Haier brothers we are familiar with have made black bubble swag brothers, this creativity, admire!

You ask me what logo represents both fashion and ubiquity, then I choose Star Dad. Frustrated designers either spoof or beautify, making the style of this Kanban lady who carries the lead in the coffee industry extraordinary, wearing mermaids on their bodies is also another handsome!

— ❷ —

Portrait spoof, you actually have two faces

Chinese hip-hop has become popular recently, and the outfits inside have become another wave of fashion. The T-shirt with portrait elements on TT can be said to be quite representative, and the texture of old photos plus the design of copy and paste, the sense of age gets, and the sense of fashion is completely OK.

The portrait created with the brushstrokes of painting has a different artistic feel, but this style of painting is also really eye-popping. The essence of spoofing is not only platinum smile and brainy creativity, but also contrast! A serious book for children plus anti-war quotes, full of creativity.

— ❸ —

Famous paintings spoof, art fashion together

What is the experience of a beautiful woman in a famous painting being transformed and then wearing it on her body? In this question, let’s interview two goddesses in the world of famous painting: Frida and Mona Lisa. Making oil painting a spoof is not a bad taste, but another form of artistic expression, and the art trend is king!

The painting “Scream” believes that everyone is no stranger, and the originally desperate distorted face has turned into a cat-eared skeleton? Social Society! Admire and admire! Although the style of painting has not changed, the change in content changes the overall feeling in an instant. Coupled with a strong hip-hop style T-shirt itself, it’s really not difficult to get trendy!

— ❹ —

Slogans are parodied, and words help you express your heart

Most of the spoof slogans are a dirty word, well, as a civilized little prince, how can it be exported as dirty? But what if you want to complain? Then a swear T-shirt! The design of this T-shirt is generally very simple, but because of a small slogan, the style of painting is changed, and it directly transforms into a rebellious male god.

All of humanity has an indescribable public enemy, yes, that is the predecessor! Probably the depth of love and hate? After encountering scumbags and scumbags, you can’t do it, and you can’t smash people’s glass, so you can only wear a slogan to relieve your anger! The design of the cloth sticker probably doubles the function of the spit Oh!

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