Sometimes the strength of matching can’t keep up with the speed of buying clothes, which will only make a full of clothes a burden, making it more difficult for you to choose. Girls with good clothes do not need to prepare too many clothes, prepare a few classic models, you can carry out a variety of style and shape construction, the characteristics of these clothes are practical and durable, creating a sense of luxury is easy.

The color of clothing often forms the public’s first impression of them, bright colors are lively and vivid, while the basic color black, white and gray has its own advantages and characteristics.

Like this one

White shirt

Its color is very versatile, clean and fresh and eye-catching, with wider sleeves, it can also exude a flowing atmosphere at will. With a pair of trousers, it is full of a strong casual atmosphere. The whole set of shapes is not cumbersome, and it will not appear to have any sense of monotony.

When the colors of the clothing are close, the temperament they deduce will be somewhat similar, but different elements can be added to fill in other temperaments.

Beige top

, its style structure is softer, adding the form of a doll collar, more age-reducing effect. Combined with blue denim trousers, this combination is more fresh, refreshing and clean. If you want to create a slight sense of sophistication, add heels.

Girls with different dressing styles have a big difference in the choice of items, some people like fancy printed items, and some prefer refreshing and clean solid color types.

Sleeveless piece in white

If you want to enhance your elegance, you can combine it with a mint green knee-length dress, and the interpretation of skirt colors is definitely more than this, replaced by blue, beige have their own beauty.

Girls should not rush to add new items to the wardrobe, but know how to use the clothes prepared in their hands first. T-shirts are the basic ones that many people will prepare, and most of them are mainly based on basic colors for easy matching.

Like this white sleeveless T-shirt, it must be cool to wear, and because the fit setting is slightly loose, it will not be too fat, and it will not make your figure look too bloated. Combined with a pink trousers, the color combination is more advanced.

T-shirts are a very versatile dress, not only to be able to decorate their appearance, but also to be able to use different designs, colorful colors and harmonious sparks.

The matching color is the most simple and clean, white sleeveless T-shirt with white skirt, with a sense of freshness and dignified elegance, so that mature women can also quickly collide with beauty.

T-shirts come in different colors, some lighter, for a softer aesthetic, some deeper, to create a more mature temperament, and you can prepare two different shades for replacement.

Sleeveless T-shirt in chocolate color

。 Its release on temperament is somewhat similar to black, only not so dull. Combined with a white straight-leg pants, it can also be lightened with a slightly old-fashioned painting style, and the pants are neatly set without dragging mud and water, and the posture is more upright when worn on the body.

Although there are many colors of T-shirts, they can generally follow the matching method of shades and shades to create a harmonious color combination, and this color interpretation will not be monotonous.

This T-shirt, for example, is slightly darker in color, and with light-colored checked wide-leg trousers, it can make older women or girls with less beautiful bodies wear it well.

T-shirts can be combined in a variety of ways, some can make you show an intellectual and elegant image, and some can be combined with each other to form a sense of layering and age-reducing functions.

Like this dark T-shirt, it goes with it

Light-colored strap skirt

The skirt has a loose silhouette and is comfortable and free to wear. The skirt hangs down, which can also hide the lack of wide crotch and thick legs.

In addition to a variety of tops to meet women’s needs for dressing, it is also necessary to prepare several bottoms to meet the needs of various occasions. Pants always symbolize a sense of neatness, through the change of color, there is a mature style and fresh temperament these differences. The difference in skirts will be less, as long as the skirt is slightly longer, it can help you cover your thick legs and show your elegance.

Khaki skirt

, its material is elastic, the appearance also has a non-fancy texture fill, and its surface has a sense of design. Matching clothes that are also light-colored can enhance the gentler side of women.

Girls don’t need to have a full wardrobe full of clothing, but be sure to look for a few classic clothing, although their design can not achieve a very eye-catching effect, but very temperamental, there are not many restrictions when matching.

One can be used in the summer

A light-colored hip-wrapped skirt

, also with light-colored clothing to enhance the sense of warmth. With dark pieces, you can have a contrast effect in color. Like this outfit, the combination of a black shirt and a hip-wrapped skirt is used to depict curves and is also very feminine.

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Like this one

Like this one

Like this one

Like this one

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