Mattress is an item between the human body and the bed to ensure that people get a healthy and comfortable sleep. Therefore, whether you can have a good night’s dream has a lot to do with the choice of mattress. Nowadays, there are more and more people with insomnia, which has something to do with stress, but has more to do with mattresses.

How can a mattress that can relieve body stress still make you insomnia? And the mattress has a variety of materials, in order to adapt to the needs of more people and bring different sleeping effects. The most popular mattress is not jute mattress.

But there are many categories of jute mattresses, and many bad businesses are shoddy, how can you distinguish which jute mattress is good as a novice to avoid being deceived?

The first thing to say is that the jute mattress is formaldehyde-free, and the production of formaldehyde is mainly because of glue bonding, and the jute mat does not use adhesives such as glue in the production process, but uses 4080 low melting point fibers to glue jute fibers together. Therefore, 0 formaldehyde can be achieved. This process is equivalent to using molten syrup as a binder.

And some people can’t tell the difference between hemp brown mat, whole hemp mat, and fine jute mat. Simply put, hemp palm mat is general jute fiber, general coconut palm; The whole hemp mat is all jute fiber; Fine jute mat is made of all fine jute, which is softer. Generally speaking, yellow brown silk can be seen inside hemp brown, thick and hard, tied hands; Both the whole hemp pad and the fine jute mat do not contain brown silk, but the whole hemp pad is darker and the fine jute is lighter in color.

So which of these mattresses is better?

Fine jute mats are the best, followed by whole hemp mats, then hemp brown mats, and most second coconut mats.

So the question is, which brand of fine jute mattress is better? How to choose?

There’s nothing wrong with getting what you pay for, but you can’t just look at the price. Now the so-called jute mattresses on the market are actually divided into three categories: hemp brown pads, whole hemp mats, and fine jute mats. Under the premise of the same material, of course, the lower the price, the better.

Secondly, I want to recommend the fine jute mattress of Su Laobo’s family, because this S-shaped fine jute mattress of Su Laobo’s family uses jute imported from Bangladesh with its own reputation of “the land of water”, jute likes humid and hot climate, fertile land, and flowing water sources, to meet these three requirements at the same time, in order to produce high-quality jute.

And Bangladesh is the best producer of jute.

S type jute mattress is made of jute fiber through 170 degrees -210 degrees high temperature hot air circulation penetration baking and shape, in the production process without adding any substances, so no formaldehyde and other harmful gases, truly achieve natural environmental protection, healthy and comfortable sleep.

In addition, Old Uncle Su bought a combination mattress of latex and jute in West Asia, and we all know that the latex mattress can precisely fit the human cervical spine to make up for the defects of the fine jute mattress.

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