At the press conference of the national aviation food system held by HNA Food Company on April 9 this year, the special yellow chili sauce launched by Nanguo Food Company won the praise of more than 50 aviation catering companies, and 21 aviation catering companies signed cooperation agreements on the spot. As of today, Nanguo special chili sauce has been sent to the airport catering system in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou and Sanya, and more and more airline catering companies have been pre-ordered. HNA Group has even rolled out Nanguo Chili Pack on all routes of more than ten airlines under its umbrella.

◎Origin: Southern flowers and butterflies

HNA Group is a well-known large-scale group in China and even the world, and it is also a representative enterprise that has grown up in Hainan. Nanguo Food Company is a leading enterprise in the industry focusing on the production of Hainan specialty foods for 23 years, and although the cooperation between HNA and Nanguo is due to accidents, it is also traceable.

At the beginning of this year, the sales staff of the marketing center of Nanguo Food Company received a telephone consultation from the procurement center of HNA Food Company, which is expected to try chili buns on several routes of Hainan Airlines, and is looking for suitable partners from several Hainan specialty food companies. After learning the news, the marketing director of Nanguo personally went out and sent the sample of the best-selling 8g chili sauce packet on the market to the food procurement department of HNA as soon as possible, and began formal negotiation and contact.

◎ Continuation of the edge: After several twists and turns, it finally became a song

Although the sampling results of the samples sent over the chili sauce were the best and the blind taste test ranked first, considering the universality of passengers’ tastes, HNA proposed to adjust the original recipe, from the original extra spicy to light spicy, reduce the spiciness of the chili sauce and improve the aroma. Then, the Nanguo Technology Department worked overtime continuously, and within a few days prepared a variety of flavored chili sauce recipes, and after repeated internal tastings, finally determined 2 formula samples and sent them to HNA Food Procurement Center, and invited them to try them, before finally determining the No. 2 formula.

In addition, regarding packaging design, it is the most twisty in this negotiation and cooperation. In the whole process of packaging design, Nanguo designers have negotiated with HNA more than ten times, sent more than 100 emails back and forth, and in the absence of fixed design standards and design concepts, Nanguo designers have repeatedly adjusted dozens of times, and finally the Xiangyun version and ribbon version of the packaging designed passed the review of HNA with a full vote.

The determination of the formula and packaging is only the first stage, the key is the final bidding stage, only by sticking to the end, you know who the flower will fall into. After repeated accounting and weighing, Southland Food Company submitted a more reasonable price. After the bidding, there was a very tight waiting period, because it was an online bidding, and the bidding was carried out under the strict supervision of HNA Food’s superior Yishi Shares, which was absolutely fair and impartial, and no one was absolutely sure of winning the bid. In the end, Nanguo Food won the bid with high standards and successfully entered the HNA Aviation Food supplier system.

Although it is only a small chili bag, in this cooperation with HNA, Nanguo Food Company attaches great importance to the needs of customers, and adjusts at any time without slack. It is not so much that Nanguo won orders with taste and quality, but that Nanguo’s perfect pursuit of details impressed Hainan Airlines. “Hainan Airlines hopes that passengers can taste chili sauce with Hainan characteristics at an altitude of 10,000 meters, and we in southern China also hope that more people can understand the charm of Hainan’s characteristic condiments. Chairman Liu Hanxi of Nanguo said that allowing passengers to taste Nanguo chili sauce in the sky is much more valuable than spending a lot of money on advertising.

The reporter then learned that Nanguo yellow lantern chili sauce has been selling well for nearly 20 years and enjoys a wide reputation in the market for no reason:

Yellow lantern pepper is a kind of pepper variety that only grows well in Hainan, spiciness up to 170,000 spicy units, known as the “king of peppers”, the taste of yellow lantern pepper is spicy with a little acid, more nutritious, especially calcium, iron, carotene, cellulose, protein content is much higher than other peppers, help digestion, increase appetite, strengthen the stomach and spleen, promote blood circulation and other effects. The Nanguo yellow lantern chili sauce adopts the production process of Hainan folklore, and the selection is high-quality yellow lantern chili from the end of April to the beginning of May every year, with a good formula ratio, no coloring and preservatives, and the quality and taste are the best. Boss Li has been engaged in chili purchase in Hainan for more than ten years, and has cooperated with Nanguo Food Company for many years, he said that the complexity of the Nanguo acceptance and inspection process once gave him a headache, a small pepper, green don’t, overripe, bad shape don’t, pesticide residues don’t, the yellow lantern pepper sent to Nanguo must be the first batch of thousands of choices. It is the Southern Yellow Chili sauce made with such high-quality yellow chili peppers that is so popular.

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