To go to fashion week to look and catch the eye, you have to wear high heels? Not necessarily! Fashion wizards can always come up with countless matching schemes to highlight the crowd, and flat shoes are the trump card used by many scheming girls to break the fashion week dressing routine! But the rivers and lakes are rumored that flat shoes show short legs? This may just be smoke bombs released by the long-legged warriors! Who says only high heels can help you wear long legs? Flat shoes lengthen your legs without ambiguity! I really don’t know how many years you have been deceived~

Moreover, high heels are certainly very beautiful but not easy to walk and not practical, the most in the girls’ shoe cabinet is still flat shoes ~ without the long legs of a supermodel, how can short girls easily control flat shoes? In fact, the choice of style is really important! There are 7 flat shoes that are beautiful and can raise the figure~ Who said that short girls can’t wear flats? The editor is definitely not convinced~

◆Flat mules

Lazy mules are very popular in fashion week street shoots, comfortable and strong at the same time~ The informal sense of mules can bring a dashing and unruly temperament to the look, making fashion look more relaxed and unpretentious. The exposed slim ankles also lengthen the leg line, turning you into a long-legged maniac in minutes.

◆ Flat sneakers

In addition to the dragging mules, the sneakers that always adhere to the fashion and effortless are also a favorite of fashion wizards. To inject a sense of ease into every look, sneakers are the ability to deflect all the style of the look, and it is not rare to take the tone of fashion!

◆Flat Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are more low-key than the first two flat shoes, the lace-up small leather shoes are literary and retro, and the flat style affinity is full of points, making the shape rich in style but not exaggerated grandeur. Oxford shoes are popular men’s shoes from Oxford University in the 17th century, the carved wing pattern design is retro and stylish, is an indispensable piece of the house style of the preppy style, and it is a casual look item that can be casually matched!

◆Flat loafers

Loafer refers to loafers, which were originally men’s casual shoes, and then developed into shoes that women can also wear, no laces, flat soles are its biggest logo, completely release themselves and with a unique gentleman’s taste of flat shoes have been favored by many fashion icons once launched.

◆ Flat booties

The unisex style booties are much more masculine than the previous 4 shoe types~ It is a killer tool for many girls to break through the limitations of style. The toughness of the booties can be a bit masculine and handsome for the look, so that the feminine look can also have a more heroic way to open, fashionable and unconventional.

◆Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes, this year’s hot fashion circle shoes are both beautiful and comfortable~ As the name suggests, it is a style that evolved from the special shoes of ballet dancers, which can basically be summarized as flat shoes with a round head or oval head, and is also commonly known as ship shoes or scoop shoes in China. Ever since the goddess of eternity Audrey Hepburn wore ballet shoes in the movie Roman Holiday, this classic piece has been popular from the last century to the present. For girls, the appeal to shoes is nothing more than the two elements of comfort and versatility, and ballet shoes are just enough to meet your requirements!

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