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Oracle, with a symmetrical, stable pattern. The three elements of calligraphy are pen, knotting and sealing. From the perspective of the number and structure of fonts, Oracle has developed into a more rigorous and systematic text. The principle of the “Six Books” of Chinese characters is embodied in the oracle bone script.

The hieroglyphic calligraphy of oracle bone and gold script is a combination of calligraphy, and this calligraphy work highlights the unprecedented beauty of calligraphy. It has both the feeling of Hanmo with softness as rigidity, and the image totem with pictograms, which are deeply loved by the public.

Hieroglyphic calligraphy had some difficulty reading, and I made annotations for appreciation.


Wang wei

Red beans are born in the south and send a few sprigs in spring.

May you pick more, this thing is most lovely.

Maple Bridge Night Park

Zhang Ji

The moonfall birds are full of frost, and Jiang Feng is sleeping.

Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, arrived at the passenger ship at midnight.


Du fu

Two orioles chirping green willows, a line of egrets on the blue sky.

The window contains the Xiling Thousand Autumn Snow, and the door is moored to the East Wu Wanli Ship.

Climb the Stork House

Wang Zhixiao

At the end of the day, the Yellow River flows into the sea.

If you want to be poor, go to the next level.

Early White Emperor City

Li bai

The dynasty said that the white emperor was in the clouds, and the thousands of miles of Jiangling were returned in one day.

The apes on both sides of the strait could not stop crying, and the light boat had already crossed the 10,000 heavy mountains.

Jia Sheng

Li Shangyin

Xuan’s office asked for merit to visit the courtiers, and Jia Shengcai was even more incoherent.

Poor night half empty front table, do not ask the ghosts and gods.

Harem words

Bai Juyi

Tear-wet towels could not be dreamed, and the front hall sang in the middle of the night.

Hong Yan broke off first, reclining on the smoking cage and sitting until Ming.

Jiangnan coincides with the Year of the Li Turtle

It is common in the Qi King’s mansion, and Cui Jiutang has heard it several times before.

It is the good scenery of Jiangnan, and it is the time to fall flowers.

Send Zhu Da into Qin

Meng Haoran

Tourists go to the Five Tombs, and the sword is worth thousands of gold.

Break up and give each other, and have a heart for life.


Spring sleep is not dawning, and birds are heard everywhere.

The sound of wind and rain at night, and the flowers fall to know how much.


The mountains sent each other, and the twilight covered the firewood.

The spring grass will be green next year, and Wang Sun will not return.

Chuzhou West Stream

Wei Ying

There are orioles chirping in the deep trees.

The spring tide brings rain late, and Yedu has no boats on its own.

Mochizuki is far away

Zhang Jiuling

The moon is born on the sea, and the end of the world is at this time.

The lover complained about the night, and he missed each other.

Extinguish the candle and fill the light, and the clothes are dewy.

I can’t afford to give it away, and I have a good time to sleep.

Out of the jam

Wang Changling

Qin Shi, Ming Yue, Han Shiguan, thousands of miles of long march people have not yet returned.

But make Dragon City fly in and do not teach Huma to do Yin Mountain.

Night rain sends north

Junwen’s return date is not yet due, and the night rain in Bashan rises in the autumn pool.

How to cut the candles in the western window, but when it rains at night in Bashan Mountain.

Liangzhou words

Far above the Yellow River, among the white clouds, is a lonely city of Wancheng Mountain.

Qiang Di He must complain about Yang Willow, and the spring breeze does not close the jade gate.

Kanaya Garden

Du Mu

Prosperity scatters fragrant dust, flowing water and merciless grass from spring.

The east wind complains about the birds at dusk, and the falling flowers are like people falling from buildings.

clear and bright

During the Qingming season, the rain falls, and the pedestrians on the road want to break their souls.

Where are the restaurants? The shepherd boy pointed to Xinghua Village.

Homecoming Puppet Book

He Zhizhang

The young man left home and returned home, and the rural voice did not change and his mane declined.

Children who do not know each other laugh and ask where the visitors come from.

Jiangnan spring words

Thousands of miles of warblers cry green and red, water village mountain guo wine banner wind.

Four hundred and eighty temples in the south, how many buildings are in the smoke and rain.

September 9 remembers the Shandong brothers

Alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festive season to think of family.

The remote brothers ascended to the heights, and there was one less person everywhere.

Wang Han

Grape wine luminous glass, want to drink pipa immediately urge.

Drunken lying on the battlefield Jun Mo smiled, and several people fought in ancient times.

Furong Tower sent Xin Wan

The cold rain entered Wu at night, and Pingming sent guests to Chu Shan.

Luoyang relatives and friends asked each other, a piece of ice heart in the jade kettle.

Peach Blossom Creek

Zhang Xu

Faintly flying bridge across the wild smoke, Shiji west side asked the fishing boat.

Peach blossoms flow with the water all day, where is the hole in Qingxi?


Sit alone in the fence, play the piano and roar.

The people of the deep forest did not know, and the bright moon came to take pictures.

Clear flat tone

Yun wants to wear clothes and flowers, and the spring breeze blows Revlon.

If it weren’t for the jade mountain, he would meet Yaotai Yue.

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Wang wei

Wang wei

Wang wei

Du fu

Wang Zhixiao

Li bai

Li Shangyin

Meng Haoran

Chuzhou West Stream

Wei Ying

There are orioles chirping in the deep trees.

The spring tide brings rain late, and Yedu has no boats on its own.

Wang Changling

Liangzhou words

Du Mu

Du Mu

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