In mid-February 2022, I thought it was after the beginning of spring, and the weather began to warm up, but the night of minus 10 degrees Celsius made self-heating families worse [the sun].

How to make the self-heating boiler achieve the purpose of energy saving and cost reduction in the cold Beijing winter, so that you no longer envy the collective heating community to open the windows casually. First of all, you must understand that the cold of the house is related to the thickness of the house, this you can not intervene, you can do to keep warm below to introduce several ways, I hope to help you in Beijing for the winter.

Beijing curtain factory

The first method, which is also a more conventional method, is to find a Beijing curtain manufacturer, custom installation of thickened high-quality curtains, one meter is the most expensive is about 100 yuan. Heavy curtains can be placed directly on the windowsill to block the entry of air conditioning, that is, windproof and warm. It should be noted that if you use full-height curtains such as the front wall, in fact, air conditioning will still flow into the room from the bottom, so half-height curtains, falling on the windowsill at night to block the wind, can resist a lot of cold.

Second, the more expensive broken bridge aluminum system doors and windows, the price of thousands of yuan per square meter, is a heavier blow to the family. This program is only suitable for owners with good family conditions and high taste in home decoration. It is recommended to install it together when the old house is renovated. If you are next to the road and the noise is loud, triple-glazing is essential. If there is not much noise, two layers can be, compared with the current two-layer system doors and windows, the sealing is already excellent.

Beijing curtain installation

The third method, suitable for all families, costs tens of dollars, and the whole house can be sealed tightly. That is the door and window sealing strip, a few dollars can buy a few meters long, a door up to 6 meters, a few dollars to get it, small windows are more saving. This kind of sealing strip needs to be purchased according to the size of the window gap and the form of opening and closing. In summer, if you think it is troublesome to open the window, you can also directly peel it off, and dozens of dollars are not distressed at all.

The price of natural gas in Beijing in 2022 is approaching 3 yuan, and the price of more than 2 yuan after subsidies is much higher than ten years ago. Taking my home of more than 80 square meters of two-bedroom and one living room as an example, the old wet double-layer plastic steel windows, more than ten years ago, the house was kept at 20-21 degrees in winter, at least 2,000 yuan. Now the price of natural gas has risen by 40-50%, and it is really distressing to approach 3,000 yuan. In order to save gas bills, I installed sealing strips + heavy curtains, minus ten degrees this winter night, even on windy days, the sealing strips can guarantee 99% sealing performance. Coupled with the blessing of the curtains, today, February 18, a total of less than 800 words of natural gas were consumed this winter, plus subsidies, which is 1600 yuan. By the end of March, it is estimated that 2,000 yuan will be enough. Although the temperature is not as high as collective heating, at least 20-30% of the money is saved.

Therefore, the method of installing curtains + sealing strips in Beijing for self-heating families can pay back in one winter. Friends who have not yet installed thick curtains, hurry up, winter is over, see you next year. [laughs]

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