I don’t dance or play mahjong. In my spare time, I spend my spare time doing small crafts such as crochet lace, knitting sweaters, designing and sewn clothes by myself, and embroidering cross-stitch, and I was once fascinated by cross-stitch. The first cross-stitch work I embroidered was Fugui Peony.

“Rich and Precious Blossoms” peony diagram

After the completion of this embroidery, the interest was unreceivable, and it can even be said that I was fascinated by cross-stitch. He also embroidered “Tulips in the Wind”, “Full of Gold”, “Lilacs”, oil painting “Rose” and so on.

Rose diagram


Gold is all over the place

Later, I came across a huge cross-stitch atlas “Prosperous China”, and I was immediately shocked by him, and it took me nearly ten years to complete this work. The net length of the work is 10.1 meters and the height is 1.5 meters. The main body of the picture scroll The Great Wall looms, majestic and firm, like a dragon leaping between lofty mountains and mountains, a good picture of Dragon Teng Kyushu, in the picture of the rising east, the morning sunset, shining on the entire land of China. The lofty mountains in the whole work are tall and beautiful, the green mountains and green waters are vibrant, the light is like gold, the ancient trees are vigorous, the waterfalls are flying, the beacons are thousands of autumns, the rivers and mountains are vast, and the majestic and magnificent.

This masterpiece is my longest-running and most rewarding work.

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