Women with elegant temperament will always like some more simple and atmospheric clothing. Maybe there are not too fancy colors, maybe not too prominent styles, but even simple styles can also express the beauty of high-class atmosphere. Zhu Yin is 50 years old, but her temperament is more superior, and the playful and flexible Zixia fairy has now become a more elegant and dignified temperament goddess, and her outfit is more fashionable.

A black suit skirt with a wide waist is superior, and the short curly hair is more fashionable

, let’s take a look together.

Zhu Yin fashion style analysis:

The suit is neat and atmospheric, and the dress is elegant and sophisticated.

Combining the style of the suit with the elements of the dress, a high-end and sophisticated suit skirt appeared.

Today’s suit skirts are even more liked by women in the workplace, neat and capable aura, elegant and generous dignified, under the background of a suit skirt, can be more perfectly presented. Just like Zhu Yin’s set of looks, she chose a black suit skirt, the most simple black, which is more advanced and restrained to wear.

The suit skirt is integrated into the cut of the suit version, and the spaciousness is also very good, which is a kind of high-class wear.

At the same time, because the fabric of this suit is relatively wide and three-dimensional, it will not be so picky to wear. Even if the body is a little bloated, it can play a good role in grooming. In daily styling, if you also want this simple and advanced outfit, you may wish to refer to Zhu Yin’s set of looks.

The classic black color is more fashionable and thin, and this combination will never go out of style

。 And the lapels of the suit elements naturally form a V-neck style, making the neck line look more slender. The three-dimensional shoulder pad element can better outline the straight shoulder line, and the overall temperament is more superior. Dressing like this black is even more fashionable. Zhu Yin matched the delicate necklace embellishment, which also showed a more elegant and fashionable atmosphere.

Of course, in Zhu Yin’s outfit, the most outstanding is the integration of the wide waist seal.

The wider waist seal chooses a combination of army green and black, which naturally tightens the waist line and outlines the slender and tall figure. A wider waist embellishment like this is also more fashionable and domineering. In particular, the integration of this black leather fabric is more cool, making Zhu Yin’s outfit more advanced.

A pair of black high heels that match with a suit skirt is more delicate.

Black is a high-end restrained color, and the combination of lace-up heels and suit skirts better highlights the charm of fashion. The suit skirt chose a length just knee-length, which more perfectly outlined the slender legs, presenting a more fashionable and exquisite beauty, and also showed that Zhu Yin’s temperament was more outstanding, and the overall style was simple and atmospheric.

Hairstyle also has a great impact on a person’s temperament, like Zhu Yin’s outfit, she chose a black suit skirt. Premium and cool.

The hairstyle chooses short hair with micro-curls, which can not only better modify the face shape, but also make the facial features more three-dimensional and delicate.

And this short hair style, visually without any sense of bloat, is relatively refreshing and generous, and more perfectly enhances the temperament.

More fashion outfits for Zhu Yin:

A black skirt can better enhance your aura.

In Zhu Yin’s outfit, a slim black long skirt was chosen, with a high open skirt, outlining a pair of slender long legs, and the whole person’s temperament was more superior. The shape of the cape is embellished on the shoulders, and the cloak that hangs down naturally perfectly enhances the overall high-class style.

If you want a softer and more elegant temperament, you must be a white shirt.

The white shirt is more elegant and restrained, and a slightly looser fit is chosen, which is also particularly fashionable. Such a white shirt with neat short hair makes Zhu Yin’s temperament more outstanding, unbuttoning a few buttons, revealing a more superior collarbone line, and Zhu Yin’s temperament is also more outstanding.

The sweet floral skirt is more age-reducing to wear.

The soft and flowing skirt is more fashionable and generous. Like this light purple gauze skirt, embellished with the design of three-dimensional carved elements, it has more romantic and exquisite beauty, and it is much older to wear on Zhu Yin’s body. This one-shoulder style is also very beautiful and romantic.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. Zhu Yin’s several groups of fashion outfit look, which group do you think is more beautiful? Share fashion trend tips for everyone every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Text original, image source network.) If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. )

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