On the red carpet of various fashion events, one of the styles that actresses often choose is the off-the-shoulder dress, a good-looking one-shoulder dress that can show their superior shoulder and neck line in all aspects, and then kill all sides on the red carpet.

But there are no actresses with right-angled shoulders, swan necks, butterflies on their backs, wearing off-the-shoulder suits, and occasionally there will be some embarrassment on the body.

1. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei’s shoulder slip is already a cliché topic, with a fairy temperament, and Liu Yifei, who is blessed by the “Little Dragon Girl” and “Linger” filters, walks the red carpet together, and suddenly has a sense of reality, it turns out that fairies also have their own shortcomings.

The single red carpet photo can see Liu Yifei’s serious trapezius muscles, and when the 85 flowers recently participated in the same event, it was even more contrasting, and Liu Yifei, who wore bare shoulders and bare backs, was difficult to compare with Yang Mi Yang Ying, who was online. But what can’t be changed is that Liu Yifei is always so beautiful and her complexion is also very fair.

2. Zhang Zifeng

Zhang Zifeng’s body management is also always unstable, but she is also one of the actresses who prefer to wear off-the-shoulder suits, and often looks cramped on the red carpet when trapezius and rich bags have not been improved before.

Later, the American merchants rose, and the trapezius muscle also disappeared, making a beautiful little fairy for a long time.

But accidentally trapezius muscle rebounded again, the recent red carpet reappeared short, a purple sequined vest, looks pure and insufficient, mature enough, not up or down, missing many highlights.

3. Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong’s red carpet can write a “bitter history” for so many years, obviously they are not short, they are still “leg spirits”, but they are always easy to be dragged down by the upper body, giving people the impression of “big arms”.

In the early years, the team was not very powerful, and the styling on the red carpet was not very powerful, which was a disaster step by step. Guan Xiaotong’s loss in the shoulder and neck line is not superior, the arm gives people a feeling of flesh, in fact, according to the standards of ordinary people, it is already very thin, but the female star industry is involuted, it is not enough to see.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress and framing with Zhong Chuxi, the “red carpet killer” in the rivers and lakes, is simply suicidal exposure, leaving a “black history” for his red carpet history.

However, the most competitive on the red carpet is the actress, and Guan Xiaotong has also improved significantly through her own efforts.

4. Ouyang Nana

Ouyang Nana has the same troubles as Guan Xiaotong, it is easy to overturn when wearing an off-the-shoulder suit, not to mention the big arms, she looks very strong when she wears it, and she accidentally becomes a “defeated general” on the red carpet battlefield.

In addition to the arm problem, Ouyang Nana also has a feature that limits the play of her off-the-shoulder outfit, that is, the width of the shoulders, and it is easy to expose this feature when choosing a suspender model.

Ouyang Nana and Guan Xiaotong were framed together in off-the-shoulder dresses, and they really couldn’t tell who was more eye-catching and who was more collapsed, and they each seemed to have their own problems.

At this time, the importance of choosing the right shape is shown, and the advantages of Ouyang Nana’s tall and stylish and long legs are brought into play.

5. Shen Yue

Actress Shen Yue is also one of the perennial “red carpet hardships”, off-the-shoulder clothes are easy to overturn if you don’t pay attention, and a white skirt on the red carpet, because of the shoulder design, can barely cover, but still seem to look a little stout.

If you turn around and expose the back camera, you can’t hide it at all, and the back is too thick to collapse the temperament.

6. Jiang Xin

Jiang Xin has a beautiful face, and when she smiles with a sweet pear swirl, from A Lu in “Seven Fairies of Joy” to Concubine Hua in “The Legend of Zhen Huan”. But as soon as you go on the red carpet, the rollover rate is ridiculously high, including those who overturn in off-the-shoulder dresses.

Jiang Xin belongs to a skeleton type of slightly fat beauty, who looks thicker from her arms to her back, and she is easy to step on thunder when wearing tight dresses and off-the-shoulder dresses.

However, the slightly fat actress has the beauty of a slightly fat actress, and now Jiang Xin has shown her skills in life dramas, and she has long been recognized as a good actor, and she no longer needs to rely on the red carpet to create topics.

7. Weekly winter rain

“Death with bare shoulders” is really not a patent for slightly fat actresses and large skeleton actresses, and small female stars are also easy to hit, such as Zhou Dongyu, those off-the-shoulder suits worn in the past, the back is exposing the trapezius muscle, and it is quite obvious.

In order to highlight their figure, they can understand the bare shoulders and legs, but without the superior shoulder and neck line, it is exposed so that everyone’s attention is focused on the shoulders, but it is not worth the loss.

However, Zhou Dongyu, who has relied on his works to support his strength over the years, has long had the confidence to walk the red carpet, coupled with a reliable styling team, American businessmen have long been able to get rid of the status at the bottom of the red carpet food chain, and get rid of off-the-shoulder clothing, and the aura has also come up.

8. Tang Wei

Tang Wei is also a proud actress who is easy to expose her shortcomings when wearing off-the-shoulder clothes, and the serious trapezius muscles make her look very temperamental and a little timid as soon as she gets on the red carpet.

The off-the-shoulder dress + inappropriate style is even easier to look old-fashioned, not only the shoulder and neck problems, but also the slightly neck forward demeanor aggravates the disaster of walking on the red carpet.

But actresses have actresses’ tricks, when Tang Wei wears an off-the-shoulder suit, and then chooses to wear hair, intentionally or unintentionally covering his shoulders, half-concealed and half-exposed, he can cleverly avoid the problem of trapezius, and the visual effect is obviously much better.

Of course, if you want to really highlight the goddess, it is best to choose a stunning dress and avoid the minefield shape.

9. Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi is also the spokesperson of actresses in the slightly fat industry, usually appearing in the camera is full of brightness, wearing the right dress to walk the red carpet looks mature and styled, wearing it wrong looks very strong.

Of course, some shapes are not only bare shoulders are highlights, they are simply highlights, but at the same time, you can still see that Zhang Yuqi, who has “figure-eight shoulders”, has slightly lost a little of the aura that he should have.

Zhang Yuqi, who has become popular from “Sister Lang” and skyrocketed in popularity resources, has long changed compared to the past. On the latest red carpet, she not only cleverly adopted the way of showing one shoulder, but also changed a lot of shoulder and neck line, silently working in the direction of one shoulder and evolving into a red carpet queen.

10. Jiang Qinqin

To say that Jiang Qinqin is a great beauty, no one will deny it, from Xi Shi to the dream in “Wind and Cloud” to now, Yimei is many years. However, the big beauty also has its own red carpet “flaws”, that is, the problem of the shoulder and neck line.

Jiang Qinqin not only has trapezius muscles but even looks relatively thick, wearing an off-the-shoulder dress is very obvious, and from the side, you can see the thickness of the shoulder and neck behind it.

In fact, the red carpet is not only a place to test the figure of actresses, but also a time to test their beauty business. Therefore, off-the-shoulder clothing is not the only choice, you can choose a more powerful and avoidable shape, so you are less anxious about the body. What’s more, actresses with strength and works, if there is no ambition to compete on the red carpet, even if they wear casual clothes, who can say anything.

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