In the hot summer, the beauty is wearing a black slanted shoulder off-the-shoulder long-sleeved shirt, slim high-waisted jeans, a pair of simple sandals, simple and comfortable and refreshing dressing style, the beauty is indescribable! The summer breeze blows that long hair, exuding a charming beauty!

Slanted shoulders and off-the-shoulder long-sleeved shirt, fair and delicate skin, slightly exposed shoulders, concave collarbones, everything is so natural and delicate beauty! The black tone makes it even more tall and attractive to the beauty of the curves!

The bottom of the half-stuffed shirt, the inadvertent small movement, inadvertently, the beautiful and cute image greatly added points! Beauty is so inadvertent, there is no need for deliberate modification, natural is the most beautiful!

High-waisted jeans, high-waist fit design, is the favorite of many women, one is to show the waist thin, the other can show the height of the waist, pavilion beauty!

Slim jeans can also correct the shape of the legs, making the whole leg, more slender and upright! It can also make the legs slimmer and more jade through the effect of slimming and thinning!

A pair of transparent sandals, relaxed and casual dressing, dressed up with different styles of beauty in midsummer

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