You say: wearing skirts and short skirts is sexy and playful, wearing long skirts is intellectual and elegant; Wearing shorts is convenient and cool, wearing long pants for sun protection, covering flesh… Are you still struggling with wearing a skirt or pants this summer?

Stop thinking about it, change it

Fit: pants

。 The pants skirt looks like a skirt on the surface, but in fact, it is indeed pants inside, so don’t worry about walking away when wearing a skirt, the key is that it also covers the flesh and looks high!

First, trouser skirt trivia

It looks like a skirt, and it has the advantage of covering the flesh loosely of a skirt (

Because the design of the pants and skirts is more exaggerated, the loose design and the shape of the flesh cover, the thick thighs are not a problem.

), in fact, the real thing is pants.

Therefore, the pants skirt not only has the elegance and playfulness of the skirt, but also the coolness and convenience of the pants. (

Because the design of culottes does not fit the body as tightly as leggings, but has a lot of space between the fabric and the body.

Second, how to choose pants and skirts?

(1) Understand the style of pants and skirts

1) “Pants” are leggings

The so-called trouser skirt, it has no obvious boundary between pants and skirt. However, the skirt itself is still a little different. When this pants is used as leggings and safety pants, the skirt is

It is closer to the skirt, because its pants are not exposed, but only as a more practical piece.

But it is convenient because it can prevent problems such as walking away, or some inconvenient wearing skirts.

2) Pants are designed like skirts

This one is very simple, it is a pants in itself, but due to the cut and the width or narrowness in some places, the appearance becomes a skirt.

Especially in it


, the skirt half is relatively wide, and then the pants are made into the style of wide-leg pants,

And the boundary between the legs is blurred, so it looks like a proper skirt

。 But this type of pants and skirts also has a disadvantage, that is, it is too wide and very strong.

3) Confusing design with skirts

This unique design is more common among ethnic minorities, who usually have trousers on the inside and a fence on the outside, which is a skirt in terms of appearance.

Like this one,

It is a simple black wide-leg pants in itself, but on the surface of the pants, a beveled fence design is added, and it simply becomes a simple skirt

。 This type of pants and skirt is very fleshy and very designed.

(2) Understand the shape of the pants

1) A-line layout

The A-line fit is relatively narrow at the top, that is, at the waist, and then gradually spreads out from the hips and crotch to become a wide fit.


It can play a good role in covering the crotch, and it can also be covered if the thighs are thick.

Of course, the trouser skirt also has such an obvious effect. But if the sister with thick calves, it is recommended to choose a pants skirt in the middle of the calf, that is, a skirt of such length.

2) Hip-wrapped culottes

The shape of the hip skirt is biased towards adding leggings and other “pants” inside, so the appearance is a proper hip skirt. But

Note that when choosing a fit such as a culotte, the material should be hard

Like denim fabric, or

Leather fabric

。 Because the hip-wrapping skirt itself is a relatively close fit to the body, it is not very friendly to sisters with a bad figure.

3. What material to choose in summer?

(1) Chiffon

Because of the summer heat, so whether it is pants or skirts or pants, you must choose a cooler and breathable material, in this regard, chiffon material is preferred, or ice silk material, these two types of materials are lighter and breathable, and it is very comfortable to wear in summer. other

Chiffon material pants and skirts will make the pants and skirts more textured, fluffy, more tender and playful


Wear look: floral pants skirt ➕ knit

The collision of chiffon and broken flowers is really super friendly, the chiffon material is relatively light and cool, plus the summer atmosphere of broken flowers, the atmosphere is immediately presented.

Simple black floral pants skirt, short style, very high, chiffon drape can also play a role in covering the flesh and showing thinness

。 With a white sweater, this and black and white will not be too modest, because of the addition of broken flowers.

(2) Cowboy

Denim material pants, thick thighs and false crotch width are the first choice, hard fabric skirts are more able to cover the flesh

。 Imagine a fabric like elastic clinging to the body, not exposing shortcomings like thick legs and wide hips.

So, you can’t go wrong with the slightly chubby sisters choosing hard denim. In addition, the color of the pants and skirts can be the same as the color of the socks, showing height and leg length.

Wear look: doll collar shirt ➕ five-point trouser skirt

A very cute and Japanese outfit. First of all, the doll collar makes the serious Zhou Zheng’s shirt immediately cute, and it is also age-reducing and playful to wear.

The five-point long skirt is just at the knee, which is suitable for the cool feeling of summer days

The contrast of purple and red is also more bold, but inexplicably very summery, like watermelon mixed with purple taro round fruit fishing. Summer is coming, don’t worry about pants or skirts, children make choices, and beauties want them!

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