News on October 28, today 8H ingenious all-solid wood combination cabinet online Xiaomi products, Southeast Asia imported rubber wood. Double opening large space cabinet shelf, five combinations, creative mix-and-match, only from 399 yuan.

8H smart 5 think combination cabinet has 5 different models of specifications, you can become a bookcase, locker, living room partition, a little release your imagination, hands-on splicing combination, you can create different kinds of combination space.

The combination cabinet adopts a square two-way cutout design, which has a large storage space at a glance, and maintains a firm and stable structure, while the cabinet body is still transparent and beautiful.

Continuing the overall regular style, the combination cabinet adopts a legless design, so that the overall volume is enlarged to create more exhibition space. Low center of gravity posture, a comfortable addition to the home experience.

Carefully selected precious Southeast Asian imported rubberwood, simple and mellow, warm and tough. 8H carefully selects the straight trunk close to the root, no dead joints, no scar eyes, so that the delicate wood texture flows more naturally and smoothly.

8H follows the ancient wisdom, the whole body uses the rod plugging process, the wood is tightly fastened, the bite is reinforced, and the whole body structure is stable and reliable. No screws, clean and tidy.

Safe and harmless water-based paint is selected, and the fully matte semi-open painting process is evenly sprayed through a non-automatic spraying production line. Environmental protection water-based paint uses water as solvent, high hardness of the paint surface, good transparency, safety and no irritating odor, the elderly and children can touch it with peace of mind.

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