When the temperature is cooler, the coat is one of the most commonly used coats by women, and its shape design can often feel quite smooth, and the first impression of it is that the surface is very large. This winter’s coat is popular to wear long rather than short, because long coats are warmer, more chic, more atmospheric, and can enhance temperament and aura than short designs. You can use the following outfits to create a good temperament, elegant and thin.

Color determines style

The color of a garment often determines the exposure of its specific emotions and the expression of different styles, and the same is true when choosing an overcoat. To choose colors throughout, use the colors that suit you to construct a beautiful picture.

For women in their forties, they may prefer the deep beauty or mystery brought by the dull undertone, and even can amplify their aura, you can use this coat in the picture. Its design helps to create a flesh covering effect and also creates an enhanced warmth effect. The hem hangs down naturally, which is very simple and natural.

Most ladies will definitely love black items, because they believe that this color is the most tolerant of personal conditions, and it is also the most classic and untouchable color.

Like this long black coat, the hem will be a little wider, which is to show off the woman’s dashing posture when walking. This style of coat can be used in a variety of occasions, and the overall image display is also closely related to the choice of clothing and pants inside. But it’s best to carry a bag that contrasts sharply with black, so that the color is not too dull.

There are actually many colors suitable for middle-aged women, don’t think that only some deep colors can be controlled well, and wear warm and safe.

In fact, some camel colors and caramel colors are colors that can quickly improve their temperament and belong to the colors that make women appear confidently and generously. The shape of this camel coat will also be a little wider, it is a bit similar to the design of a cape, which can increase the modification of the shoulders and waist position. Because the shape of this kind of clothing is relatively wide, the matching pants should not maintain the same style design as it should, and small leg pants are the most suitable.

Length affects the flesh masking effect

The reason why women are more recommended to use long coats is because the length of the coat will also affect the effect of covering the flesh, but it is not the longer the better, if dragged to the ground, it will only make people feel clumsy and cumbersome, a little dragging.

Like this coat, its scale control is more appropriate. Can be about around the knee, added horn button design, and can add a little age reduction style, with pants, need to consider the layout design of pants, with skirts, you need to use a looser cut, more flowy.

Most women, when trying long coats, will feel that this type of clothing will be depressing, but as long as you keep the breakthrough in the way you wear it and try not to button it too tightly, you can reduce the risk of being short.

The silhouette design of this long coat is also just the right one. On the one hand, there will be no restrictions on women’s body shape, on the other hand, you can also use this simple color to create a very gentle image and a very comfortable outfit.

The specific length of the long coat is uncontrollable, because you can adjust it at will or choose a type that suits your height. If you feel that the long coat that reaches below the knee is really stressful to wear, you can also change to a medium-length style, which can also achieve the effect of showing thinness and showing the temperament.

Like this coat, its texture will be very soft, and the hem will fall above the knee, which will be slightly friendly to women who are not outstanding. The matching of such items requires women to emphasize the curve of the legs, such as with some straight pants, which will be more colorful than with wide and wide wide-leg pants.

Shape the high waistline

Long coats are indeed a great piece to wear, but it doesn’t mean that everyone can create a sense of fashion, and if you want to use it to create these effects of looking thin and tall, you also need to create a high waistline.

For example, this outfit uses a pink long coat, which can be used with denim trousers. Between the pants and the underwear, it can be connected to a dividing line to create a beautiful proportion, and also to divide a more superior leg shape and leg length.

This winter’s coat is popular to wear long rather than short, because the long coat has a longer fabric connection, walking more dashing, more free-spirited, in addition, you can also borrow it to cover the insufficient full hips or a little wide crotch.

There are countless options and combinations of long coats, and this is due to the flexibility of color and the diversity of combinations. For example, this long coat, with pink trousers, this color will be much more recognizable than the combination between black and white, and the style of wide-leg pants and long coats is actually a bit similar, which can increase the dashing index.

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