The weather has become warmer, and girls in the southern region have already worn short sleeves, so it is necessary to put up the matching of short sleeves, I believe that many girls also want to know about the wearing of short sleeves, how to match it is more fashionable?

Recently, a new wearing method called “short sleeves inside and long sleeves” has been unlocked, which is a good layering method, and the fashion has not weakened at all, and it is also very comfortable and fashionable, which is the most suitable for this season where the temperature difference between morning and evening is large!

Short sleeves inside long sleeve “shirt” article▼


When T-shirts and shirts are collided together, you will find that their chemical direction, both about casual comfort, but also elegant and sweet feeling, the collision of different styles, to give others visual effects, must be very stunning, and this is a short-sleeved T-shirt, covered with a slightly sheer pink shirt, very princess temperament, super sweet feeling!

This new way of wearing short sleeves and long sleeves has only recently begun to be newly unlocked, especially the matching method of the inside shirt, which used to be basically a T-shirt, but until I saw the matching shirt, such a collision is so beautiful, small fresh and age-reducing, even stars love to wear it!

The sweet girl Ouyang Nana also loves to dress in such a way of dressing, do you wear it? The white cartoon T-shirt, if worn alone, will look too simple, but after putting a doll collar shirt inside, it is actually so fashionable and good-looking, and the sweetness and cuteness explode instantly!

In addition to the shirt in the short sleeve, there are a large number of regular T-shirts waiting for you to match, the fashion has not weakened in the slightest, but it is more versatile and not picky!

Short sleeves inside long sleeve “T-shirt” article▼

Layer it 1, cartoon long-sleeved T-shirt

White T-shirt, although it is very refreshing and versatile, there is no difficulty in wearing, but it has a disadvantage that it is too single, recently unlocked a new way to wear can help you, is to put a long-sleeved T-shirt inside, with cartoons more cute and playful, more eye-catching!

When short-sleeved T-shirts cover long-sleeved cartoon T-shirts, this way of layering is actually fashionable and good-looking, if you feel a little cool, but don’t want to wear a jacket, you can layer a small vest of the same series, it will be more age-reducing, and the shape is just as good-looking!

Fancy a more casual style? Then you can wear bottoms do not choose A-line short skirts, change into casual classic jeans and sneakers, it will be more in line with your requirements, and so comfortable to wear full of points!

Layer it with 2 and a long-sleeved white T-shirt

Black and white T-shirts are a favorite item for many girls, how to match the two? A new wearing method recently unlocked can easily solve the problem of peeling, black letter T-shirt, inside is a simple white T-shirt, so it is very refreshing and fashionable!

Layer it with 3 striped long-sleeved T-shirt

Black and white T-shirts are worn no matter when, is not outdated way of wearing, if you want to wear T-shirts with the same fashionable shape, then the layering method is very suitable, short-sleeved white T-shirts, long sleeves striped T-shirts, it is already very good-looking, although not stunning, but durable to wear!

Layer it with 4 and a pink long-sleeved T-shirt

Super cute pattern white T-shirt, is a very comfortable and refreshing feeling, looks daily and enduring, layered with long-sleeved pink T-shirt, can not hide your girly heart burst out, the shape is very layered, too fashionable, with ripped jeans and daddy shoes, trendy and fan!

Well, today I will share it with you here, recently unlocked a new wearing method, called “short sleeves inside long sleeves”, so fashionable to wear age!

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