“Underarm bag” has been an indisputable fashion item in the past two years, and various brands are also competing to produce it.

Because of its obvious style features, the shoulder straps are ultra-short, and the back is just under the armpits, which is figuratively called “underarm bag”. The bag shape is simple, delicate and stylish, small and easy to carry, the upper body is not complicated, no matter how dramatic the shape can be easily controlled, fashionable and retro. The small one, sandwiched under the armpits, not only lengthens the proportions of the figure, but also walks with its own supermodel aura.

Underarm bags come in a variety of shapes, but recently a classic square underarm bag has become a favorite bag for many artists. That’s the latest MICHAEL Michael Kors’ Bradshaw collection.

Black is forever popular, Wu Xin is gentle and elegant, highlighting the high-end texture;

Jin Chen uses black to blend the color matching, which is full of fun.

Zhao Lusi smiled sweetly, giving early spring a gentle and bright face.

Singer Li Stanni’s energetic outfit is full of playfulness.

The same underarm bag with acorn brown French hemming, its charm is also different from person to person, Yang Transcendence’s cute and moving, depicting vitality early spring wear;

Haiqing is intellectually elegant and shows the charm of urban women;

Chen Yao’s comfortable posture expresses a fresh self-attitude;

Fashion blogger Fil Xiaobai interprets the flexible and versatile style.

Red is equally eye-catching, and Chen Bige holds a bright red French hemmed armpit bag, with a simple outfit to create a minimalist style.

Is it really a heartwarming and classic underarm bag, and has it been planted again today~?

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Written by: Cat Cat Mushroom

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