Do-it-yourself baby foot handmade cotton clothes set: crop drawing and detailed production process sharing

As early as three months ago, I shared the crop of the baby’s cotton jacket with you. There are still many friends who send me private messages saying that they can’t do it, and want me to give a detailed production process, by the way, the choice of fabric, lining, and cotton.

In fact, there are already many sets of the baby’s cotton jacket (made by yourself, sent by friends, and leftover from sisters…). ), this time at everyone’s request, I will make a set of 100-day suits for the baby, and the baby will have new clothes to wear…

The fabric is a pattern of Momofuku patterns that I bought online, which is also a good sight.

For 100-day babies, I made a size 66 suitable for 3-6 months babies. We tried on what I thought was just right (baby 16 pounds), the length of the clothes was just enough to cover the little butt, and the sleeve length was just enough to cover the little hands, so that the child would not be cold.

Let’s take a look at the finished style drawing first

Take a look at the 66-yard crop

This kind of monk collar, the most suitable collar for small babies, is soft around the neck is very comfortable.

Top crop base

Pants cropped bottom, front piece broken at the position of the pink line, above is a whole piece folded in the middle.

Cotton pants crop base


Those who do not know how to push the board and draw can click the circle card below to enter the circle and learn from the most basic.

Detailed size charts are also published in circles.

(Circle cards have been added here, please go to Toutiao client to view)

Detailed production process:

Choice of fabric: knitted cotton, stretchy baby soft and comfortable to wear and convenient activities. Cotton woven fabrics are not recommended

Choice of cotton: baby cotton.

Here to give you a general popularization of cotton knowledge, we are familiar with cotton is roughly divided into three types: silk cotton, baby cotton, cotton.

Silk cotton: silk and cotton blend, but the general silk cotton on the market is mostly man-made fiber, no silk and no cotton. (Except high-grade silk cotton)

Fluffy and soft, it is also good to keep warm with windproof fabric, which can be machine washed and hand washed. Generally, cotton clothing uses this silk cotton

Baby cotton: silk cotton and cotton blend, half and half. The production cost is increased, the warmth effect is also better, and it is mostly used for baby clothes and quilts.

Machine washable, hand washable

Cotton: Needless to say, this grows in the field, and most rural children have seen it. Freshly played cotton, soft and comfortable, especially warm, pure natural fabric. The disadvantage is that it cannot be washed, and it will form lumps after washing and will not be warm.

In the past, the cotton clothes made by the old people for children would generally be disassembled and washed after they were dirty, and then sewn after washing. There’s really no time for this now. So the cotton clothes I used to make for my baby would be made of cotton and silk cotton, a layer of silk cotton, a layer of cotton, and then quilting. This is also very warm and can be washed and dried just as soft and comfortable. In fact, the current baby cotton is like this, the same effect.

To sum up, I decisively chose baby cotton.

Next, Libu: Libie also recommends knitting with pure cotton, I use brushed fabric, the advantage of this fabric is that the clothes are warm when worn in the morning, not cold.

The above is some of my own experience, you can use it as a reference.

Combine your baby’s size according to the crop above, and crop it after making the plate

Cut the pieces

Below is the cotton I cut, 300 grams of thickness is about 3CM is not too thin, and it is okay to keep warm at a temperature of about 8 degrees. If you think it’s too thick, you can choose 200 grams and 150 grams

Start sewing the cotton below, sewing the cotton together with the lining. When stitching, the cotton around it should be pulled out slightly, so that the two seams will be very flat and comfortable when stitched, just like below, pulling out while sewing

Stitched parts. The middle trace is fixed so that the machine wash does not deform. Don’t trace the thread too densely, too dense will not be soft and fluffy

If you want to spread all the cotton, you must first sew it into a large piece on the picture, and then stitch the hem cuffs of the top cloth and the lining cloth together before laying the cotton.

Secure the tabs where they need to be fastened.

The collar is stitched separately, and finally the bottom of the collar is fixed inside with a hand needle. This way the neckline will be soft and comfortable.

Stitch the hem underneath, the cuffs, and leave a hole at the hem.

When cutting, the hem and cuffs of the fabric are larger, and the cuffs and hems of the lining are not seamed. Let the seams of the dough wrap the inner cloth wrap the lining, so that the lining will not be turned outward

Schematic diagram of the bottom hem stitching

Leave the hem and finally turn it out at the hem position

The hem is left in the position and stitched by hand

Turn to the front and seal it with a hand stitch with a dark stitch method, and sew the clasp. The finished product is good

Next, the pants, the face cloth and lining of the pants are also sewn separately.

The stitching order, the front of the trousers is seamed up and down, the front piece is stitched up and down, and finally the inside and outside seams are stitched.

The crotch is stitched separately from the top inside, and the shoulders can be stitched together front and back, or separated, I am separated. The advantage of sewing separately is that the sewing process is simpler, and it is convenient to adjust the length when the baby grows up in the later stage.

The pants are stitched and turned out at the foot opening.

Finally, the soles of the feet are sewn, and the detailed sewing steps of the soles of the feet are actually very simple to look at carefully

It is recommended to do this kind of sole, and the baby can also change to an open foot model when it grows up. Detailed changes to the law, published in the previous article.

Finally, you can tie the foot

The finished product is complete

This method is actually very simple, half a day is enough. Thanks to everyone’s blessing, the baby has a new 100-day suit…

Do you like it? If you like it, you can try it, and if you don’t understand, you can leave a message or private message in the comment area

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