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When I was in school, the school would often hold some activities for the children to perform on stage, and during the performance, some funny things often happened.

For example, the experience of the following little boy is simply a large-scale embarrassing scene.

The children wore small suits and beautiful skirts and performed on stage, and after the performance, the teachers took the children to do activities on the stage to enliven the atmosphere.

They will give the child questions and let the child “act” according to the instructions given to see the child’s ability to respond.

The little boy performs a laugh, and as a result of a move “cracked crotch”, the boy: pretend that nothing happened

So the teacher asked the question “laugh heartily”, and the children on the stage immediately “haha” sounded and burst into barbell-like laughter.

In order to show their differences, the children also brought a little body language, some children laughed and their necks were thrown back, and some children jumped on the spot with laughter.

But the children in black clothes are powerful, and decided to give everyone a big trick, so they directly knelt on the ground with both legs, ready to show everyone “laughing down”.

But what is the truth? It is always unsatisfactory, maybe the child’s clothes are tighter, maybe the quality of the clothes is not good.

In short, after the little boy knelt on the ground, the next second the crotch cracked, and the white panties inside were also exposed, and he accidentally performed a “open crotch laugh” for everyone.

After realizing that he was “laughing open”, the little boy’s laughter stopped abruptly, hurriedly covered his torn pants with his own hands, and then quickly stood up, his face was embarrassed, but he still had to keep smiling.

The audience in the audience saw the performance of the little boy, smiled even more, leaving the child alone embarrassing, fortunately, the child’s psychological state is good, quickly adjusted, still happy.

After netizens saw the little boy’s performance, they also laughed crazy and ridiculed:

“Hurry up and pretend that nothing happened.”

“Thank you to this child for opening the crotch and causing everyone to laugh.”

“You kid, so old and wearing open pants?”

“Suit pants change into open pants in seconds.

But one yard to one yard, after laughing, parents should pay attention, or buy the right pants for the child, otherwise accidentally “open the gear”, the embarrassment brought to the child may accompany him for a lifetime.

Buy pants for children, these 5 points to pay attention to

(1) It is best to buy a loose style

When many parents buy pants for their children, they can’t help but “look at the association”, thinking that the pants that are slimmer look cool and fashionable.

But this kind of pants really can’t be worn often. When buying clothes for children, it is still necessary to be comfortable and loose.

(1) Too tight pants, restraining the child’s hips and legs, to know that the child’s bones are developing, which is not good for the child’s physical development

(2) The amount of exercise of children is relatively large, either running or jumping, too tight pants but bind them, make them feel uncomfortable, when they sweat, it will also affect body temperature regulation and heat dissipation.

(3) The child’s skin is relatively tender, and the clothing material is close to the skin, which may make the child’s skin allergic and eczema.

(2) Cotton clothes are more suitable

For active children, cotton clothes are more suitable, because children like to sweat, but this type of material has good water absorption, good breathability, and better health for children.

(3) Don’t buy open pants

Open pants are highly dangerous and low hygiene for children, which is manifested in the fact that when wearing open pants, body organs will be exposed and vulnerable.

In addition, children like to sit on the ground, and open pants are equivalent to letting the child’s skin and lower body directly contact the ground, which may cause bacterial infection in the child.

(4) It is not recommended to wear zipper pants for small babies

Pants with zippers, for baby boys, although sometimes it is more convenient to urinate, but for younger babies, it is not possible to use zippers correctly.

If you are not careful, you will clamp your own Tintin, and sometimes you will not pull the zipper well, the card will not go up or down, and it will waste time, and the child is also anxious. So wait for the child to take care of himself and wear zipper pants.

(5) It is also best not to wear flared pants

Flared pants because the legs are very large, look loose, in fact, the base of the thighs is very tight, and tight pants, affect physical development, in addition, it is easy for children to trip over the legs, so it is best not to wear them.

Parenting tips

The child’s growth process requires parents to pay more attention, even if it is a small matter of buying pants, there are many points to pay attention to Oh, it is best to buy suitable and comfortable pants for the child, which is conducive to the healthy growth of the child.

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