It’s spring today, although the weather is still cool, in addition to the fashionable little fragrant coat, other good-looking spring clothes must also be bought early!

Don’t think it’s too early to prepare for spring clothes, if you want to win over others, you can’t go wrong with being beautiful early.

Yesterday I shared with you spring coats, such as knitted coats, suits, windbreakers, etc., really not tired of wearing all year round.

After the temperature rises, there are more choices for the piece, and there are more styles and types to match. Pet fans Liya will arrange them for everyone one by one!

Looking at yesterday’s private messages and messages, many fairies said that one of the items they want to see the most in spring


Also, salt and sweet, cool and handsome, the practicality of the skirt is really too strong, what girl doesn’t like a good-looking little skirt?!

Don’t worry, Liya, who has a soul with you, has long heard the “needs” of the fairy.

This time, we have prepared a dress template that you can wear according to, so let’s see if there is a one you love?!

▍ Check skirt + sneakers

Let’s start with my recent love

Check skirt

, fresh Morandi color matching + small check on the side, there is a feeling of elegance and intellectualism.

It is dignified and decent to match, and the next New Year season to visit relatives and friends will definitely be praised by the elders.

High waist design + ankle skirt length

, is a style that small people can also hold, and then hide leggings, leggings will not appear bloated and heavy, resisting seasonal temperature differences is very good.

The top I matched with a cute sweatshirt with short plush, which is cute and does not look fat; The lace embellishment of the neckline creates a sense of fake two pieces and takes advantage of it

Rich in detail and layered

Because the sweatshirt itself is a bit heavy, it was used when creating the waistline”

Side plug a corner

“; While tucking out the waistline, the abdomen will not be too bloated and cumbersome.

To echo the casual style of sweatshirts, I picked up versatile and comfortable

Daddy shoes

, the heightened but not bulky shoe shape, with a midi skirt, is also particularly suitable.

Fairies who want to add a sense of fashion can also make a fuss on socks. Contrast, same color, same element, are all good choices.

▍ Patterned gauze skirt + sock boots

Come to the “flower” style in spring, usually share the casual gentle wind, today try a different one

Court elegance.

The newly acquired mesh skirt, because it is a double-layer superimposed design, at first I was worried that the fluffy yarn would show the width of the crotch, but I didn’t expect the upper body to be quite draped.

The design of the inner and outer layers of different lengths also enriches the sense of layering, making the overall sense of elegance more intense.

Because the bottoms were already fluffy, I opted for a slightly slim velvet top to outline the line. The rounded design of the hem is right

Small belly, crotch

, also has a great decorative effect.

The elegant square neck design not only makes it inclusive for the figure, but also shows the superior collarbone and neck line; You can also layer some delicate accessories to make the look more elegant and kind

Hepburn girl style

When it comes to bottoms with this comparative silhouette, choose tops

Refined small fit

, and then use some proper skin exposure, the slimming fashion index can be up up!

The shoes I chose are

Square heel sock boots

, the style of the pointed toe can visually extend the leg line, and fairies who want to “show their hearts high” can get this method.

▍ A-line skirt + knight boots

Is there a southern fairy that has warmed up into spring, and fashionable short skirts can be arranged.

Small pear-shaped figure, you can’t go wrong with choosing an A-line shape, and the wide silhouette at the top and bottom is really a must for the wide crotch. I picked a wrap style, and the crossover design can enrich the sense of layering and cover the small belly properly.

The small irregular design of the skirt can also visually lengthen the leg line.

Black and red are classic contrasts, so I matched the top

Vintage knitwear

, the ability of the brick red upper body to show white lining really does not need to be praised; Embellished with pearl buttons, it has a kind of low-key and elegant rich family style.

Many fairies will worry that the knitwear will be fat, and you can pick vertical striped styles like Liya, which can appropriately weaken the feeling of bloated and swelling, thus playing a thin role.

Short skirt with long boots, thick legs are not afraid.

The shoes I chose are this year’s hot knight boots, and the ability to modify the leg shape really does not need to be praised, and it is warm and fashionable to match in the season.

If a small person wants to increase his height, he can add it

Heightened insoles

, or just pick the block heel style.

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing of skirts, which one do fairies like?

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