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Comfortable Bermuda shorts with a languid and casual texture and a large logo belt can retain the unique curves of women, but also add sophistication and fun to Boyish-style outfits.

Boyish Style has been heard a lot in recent years, but when it comes to the word “Boy”, many people subconsciously equate this style with “women wearing men’s clothing”, compared to just putting on a boyfriend’s T-shirt or shirt and wearing brogues or Martin boots such a superficial “female tough guy” image, Boyish Style is actually more focused on wearing a boy’s innocent and rebellious temperament, becoming a Boyish Girls who reflect the attitude of life from dressing.

Focus A

Making use of “men’s colors”

Open the boy’s wardrobe, camel, khaki and gray-blue and black-white gray are the more common color combinations, and it is better to start with the Boyish style.

It is not necessarily a men’s piece, even if it is just an ordinary casual style item, it can also be used to create Boyish Style, as long as you do not choose too complex patterns and slim designs, choose simple, classic, loose styles such as blazers, shirts, jeans, etc., and add a little red , pink and goose yellow and other beautiful colors to the basic matching of these items, or add different patterns in black and white gray. The whole look can emphasize the carefree and relaxed attitude of a child while bringing its own highlights.

Focus B

Naturally warm “mountain system”

Like Boyish Style, the term “mountain” also comes from Japan, compared with the workwear style copied from men’s clothing, mountain clothing refers to a style that is very functional and different from traditional mountaineering equipment, more inclined to Urban Outdoor Style, giving people a feeling of natural warmth, and Boyish Style in freedom, comfort, innocence is more in line.

Mountain wear pays attention to “multi-layered” and “functional item mixing”, the color choice is mainly khaki, army green and other earthy colors, slightly brighter orange, yellow and even fluorescent color as a good choice.

The top version is recommended to choose loose pants, the lower body can choose loose pants, Boyish Style does not necessarily have to be with pants, you can also choose outdoor skirts, T-shirt skirts are also very good.

Focus C

It is more practical to mix and match men’s and women’s clothing

The straight lines and loose cuts taken from men’s clothing hide the feminine characteristics, appearing free and unrestrained, and it looks like the straightforwardness characteristic of a little boy. At this time, if you are still dressed loosely, it is easy to strayed into the “sloppy” image, so it is recommended to use a men’s piece or some men’s wear elements to neutralize the tough feeling and find a balance between “Boyish Style” and “women’s power” than wearing men’s clothing as a whole.

â– Reporter Liang Yu/Wen (profile picture)

Emphasizing Boyish, the feeling of looseness around the body is not always necessary, the combination of tapered pants and canvas shoes is already a playful little boy, with a small racer-shaped vest, tight up and loose, low-key treatment in the color matching, it looks loose but not procrastinating, it will not affect the boyish play.

Denim suspenders are originally a very boyish piece, choose a loose fit to highlight the boy’s liveliness, and the versatile denim fabric allows accessories to be bold in color choices and highlight the lively tone.

Basic mountain pieces with backpacks, fisherman hats, high socks, crossbody bags, vests and other eye-catching and suitable outdoor pieces will enrich the overall look.

Adding a functional wind vest can quickly throw out the Urban Outdoor Style, and it can also highlight the boy’s spontaneous and hearty feeling.

In addition to creating a “lower body disappearing” wearing method, Oversize polo shirts can also be paired with hip skirts to break the overly masculine feeling of “bigger” polo shirts.

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