Smoking is known to be harmful to health, many people have quit smoking, and people who are still addicted to smoking have also reduced the number of cigarettes they smoke because smoking is prohibited in public closed places or in order to reduce harm to their families.

However, due to long-term smoking, the teeth are covered with smoke stains, and the teeth appear light yellow or even dark brown, which to a certain extent affects a person’s image, and dental smoke stains have become a trouble for smokers.

Today, I recommend three toothpastes for smokers that are specially designed to remove tooth stains.

1. Dr. Dentist removes smoke stains and toothpaste

The active foam contained in Dr. Dental Stain Removal Toothpaste is a fine granular substance that can be clearly felt when brushing teeth, these active foams can penetrate deep between teeth and deep into the mouth, break down stains, absorb odors, and freshen breath.

2. Lion King ZACT ice stain toothpaste

Lion King this toothpaste belongs to the old brand, many smokers are no stranger to this toothpaste, Lion ZACT Cool toothpaste does not wear teeth, gentle process can remove tooth stains and nicotine residue, at the same time, the cold feeling is also refreshing.

3, White glo diatomaceous earth to remove smoke stains toothpaste

In addition to removing smoke stains, this toothpaste can also prevent periodontitis and mucous membrane white spots, its special diatomaceous earth component can remove long-term deposition of smoke stains caused by smoking, and form a protective film on the teeth, after cleaning the teeth can obviously feel the “slippery” feeling on the surface of the teeth, the use of this toothpaste is very soft, effectively protect the gums.

At present, the author brushes his teeth two to three times a day, using smoke-stained toothpaste, which can be effective in three days, at first the effect is the most obvious effect on the upper and lower front teeth, and then the teeth on both sides become significantly whiter, and the smoke stains accumulated on the inside of the teeth for a long time are also effectively removed.

Let’s talk about the precautions for brushing, it is best to choose a soft toothbrush, so that it will not damage the teeth and gums, the way to brush teeth is also as much as possible to choose multi-directional, up and down longitudinal brushing, left and right horizontal brushing, grip the toothbrush after spiral brush, for the teeth gap longitudinal brush, more brushes where there are more tooth stains, each brushing time is as long as possible, so that the smoke stain removal component in the toothpaste can be more effective, while maintaining the number of brushing twice a day.

Finally, I still hope that everyone smokes less and smokes in an open environment to avoid harm to others.

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