Going out in summer, sunny umbrellas are a must, if the sun protection effect is poor, easy to break and break, it will bring people a lot of trouble. Therefore, the selection of umbrellas is to pay attention to skills, let’s tell you what problems to pay attention to.

First: pay attention to the shading effect

One of the core functions of the umbrella is the shading effect, which should be carefully chosen when choosing. Check the performance of the umbrella, what kind of material is applied, analyze the different materials, and how effective it is in UV protection. It is also necessary to confirm whether the sunscreen coating has an effect on the rainproof effect, and if it is used to prevent rain, whether the number of times will affect the sunscreen effect. It is a good choice to have excellent sun protection and not conflict with the rain protection function.

Second: material selection

The material of the sunny umbrella is divided into two important places, the umbrella surface and the umbrella bone, to ensure the density and thickness of the umbrella surface, which can increase the waterproof effect and prevent rainwater from being exposed along the gap. Compared with ordinary umbrella bones, the combination of fiber skeleton and aluminum alloy can appear light and compressive, and can cope with different weather conditions.

Third: size specifications

In order to facilitate people to bring umbrellas out, there will be different specifications, five-fold umbrellas, three-fold umbrellas have different sizes, of which three-fold umbrellas are more common. The three-fold umbrella adopts a fully automatic method in the method of collecting the umbrella, which can be closed and opened with one press, and can be easily put into a small bag. The size of the umbrella surface after opening is large, and it is completely fine to accommodate one or two people.

According to the skill of picking the umbrella, the conclusion is that the fully automatic Korean version of the creative umbrella stands out. This fully automatic creative umbrella uses sunscreen coating, aluminum alloy and fiber umbrella bone, and three-fold automatic opening and closing technology above the specification, which is the best in the industry.

While meeting people’s practical requirements, it does not lose the creativity of the umbrella itself, giving the Korean version of the fashion and cute creativity, which can be loved by more young people, which is the real choice in the industry.

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Simple and stylish rain triple-fold umbrella



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