The second edition of the Japanese Starbucks Christmas Limited

Here it comes…

What, the tone is too cold?

OK, one more time,

Wow, Star Daddy Christmas Limited is here again!!

As a limited large household, as long as there is a festival, Starmaster will make a move. The most anticipated events of the year are the cherry blossom season and Christmas.

Starbucks Japan Christmas Limited is generally released in two parts.

I previously shared with you the first bullet that went on sale on November 6, the same red, green, and white series, the design is simple and the color is bold, including traditional Christmas element checks, stars, snowflakes, bows and other design cups, which are very warm.


Second bullet

It also came as scheduled.

▶ Release date: November 30 ~ December 25

Compared to the first shot, the second shot is completely small and fresh. All in pink and tender tones, very gentle girly.

The second round was themed “Brilliant Season”

, It seems that last year was also this theme, is Star Dad so trouble-free now?

This bomb

Stars, snowflakes and other elements

It is used a lot, but the design of the cup does not seem to be very surprising.

Limited stainless steel thermos flask & snowflake stainless steel logo bottle

Both cups are super gentle.

Stainless steel thermos flask


6 hours to keep warm and cold

, light pink and blue gradient design, pink tender very healing.

360ml 4000 yen + tax

Snow stainless steel logo bottle

, a very dreamy color matching, reminiscent of the silver world of snow, holding it in the hand is inexplicably better, the thief is advanced.

473ml 4000 yen + tax

Hairball pendant accompanying cup & pink stainless steel mug

Hairball pendant accompanying cup, heat-resistant glass body

, the pink is tender, and the plush pendant on the bottle cap is even more cute.

473ml, 2300 yen + tax

Pink stainless steel mark

Cup, Starmaster logo is very textured.

414ml, 2900 yen + tax.

Striped mugs

One tall and one short, one pink and one white, the style is also simple.

White (296ml, 2,000 yen + tax)

Designed for ribbons, while

Pink mug (355ml, 2600 yen + tax)

With bow cup lid.

Glass mugs & meteor mugs

Glass mugs


Heat-resistant glass material

, its cup handle is a beaded design.

296ml, 2300 yen + tax.

Meteor mug

296ml, 2000 yen + tax.

Snowflake crystal ball cup & snowflake accompanying cup

Crystal ball cup

The cap is inspired by the stars and is decorated with white, pink-gold beads that will give off different sheens.

443ml, 2500 yen + tax

Snowflake accompanying cup

, is a light blue color, small fresh.

355ml, 1800 yen + tax

ToGo stainless steel accompanying cup & diamond gradient stainless steel cup

ToGo stainless steel accompanying cup

, pearl blue fresh and elegant. The large-diameter design makes it easy to pour out drinks, making it easy to put in ice cubes and easy to clean.

Vacuum double structure stainless steel

, heat preservation and refrigeration are excellent.

355ml, 3500 yen + tax

Diamond gradient stainless steel cup

, “small man’s waist” shape, easy to grasp. The powder blue gradient is also very special.

355m, 3400 yen + tax

Little bear crystal ball

▶ Price: 4,000 yen + tax

The popular crystal ball, which used to be a coffee cup, has become a lying white bear with a large crystal ball on its belly. Whether you put it at home or in the office is very eye-catching.

Limited blankets

The Christmas blankets that sell out every year are also here, and this year it is a combination of pink and emerald green, soft and warm. The bow tie is also cute, and Sakura Sister Paper really loves this kind of thing.

New Year’s Eve

▶ Price: 1,000 yen + tax

At the time of the New Year, Japan has the habit of sending New Year cards, a set of 3 New Year greetings from Star Daddy, and a drink coupon is attached as a New Year’s gift to friends, teachers, colleagues… All good.

In addition to the Christmas only,

Starbucks Japan has also had a number of specific events recently.

Starting from November 11th, if you buy a designated coffee, you can get an additional original coffee can

, 3 styles to choose, it is said that many netizens have all in!


From November 30th, original storage bags will be sent

The design is simple, but it is very advanced. It’s great for cell phones, headphones, lipstick, air cushions, or some small snacks. The number is limited, and if you like it, you can check it out.

Little friends who like simple wind,


STANLEY is a famous century-old outdoor brand in the United States

, and Starbucks has also made many joint names, and each joint name has a main color. Recently, the two collaborated to launch the Big Red series, yes, Christmas in time.

This series includes stainless steel bottles suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, as well as thermos cups suitable for office and home. Both

Vacuum insulation structure

, first-class thermal and cold insulation.

I really like the texture of this collection. The white lid and the big red appearance make people feel very warm and have the feeling of being red and blazing for the New Year.

Well, introducing this, I just want to say: Starmaster, you haven’t let me “wow~” for a long time…

Not for Christmas, Fukubukuro to make it up!

Starmaster’s 2021 lucky bag is here,

It’s still a draw this year! Choose!

The highly rated Starbucks Fuku bag is also classified

“One of Japan’s must-grab lucky bags”

Thermos cups, coffee beans, mugs

and other Starbucks items, practical and heartfelt, are robbed every year.

Starbucks 2021 Chinese New Year Lucky Bag

▶ Official website price: 7,500 yen (tax included, shipping included)

This year, Fukubukuro not only has a stainless steel accompanying cup/water bottle limited to Fukubukuro, but also other original items.

Tote bag, Starbucks coffee and beverage vouchers

Wait a minute. About 500RMB, it is also very cost-effective.

This year came to light in advance

Limited tote bags

Cotton canvas handbag made from recycled cotton

。 All the items in the lucky bag will be sent together in this tote bag.

The design is simple but practical, put cups, bento… All very convenient.

As for how to buy Fukubukuro? It can only be said that the time has come to see luck.

Of course, it has to be first

Starbucks “My Starbucks” member

November 16 ~ November 26


Register online

After that, Starbucks will

Lucky bag winners are selected from among those who register


Email confirmation on December 7

After the winner receives the winning email,

Payment must be made by 23:59 on December 14

, Fukubukuro will

Delivery is available between January 1~6

Last year, you could also choose the store closest to your home to pick it up, though

There is only one way to mail this year

By the way, feel it,

The 2020 New Year lucky bag posted by netizens.

2020 Fukubukuro One

Canvas tote bag × 1

Fukubukuro limited stainless steel thermos flask ×1

Accompanying cup/mug/water bottle (random one)

Picnic mat × 1

Beverage rolls × 6

2 packs of coffee beans ×

2020 Fukubukuro II

Accompanying cup/water bottle (one at random)

Refrigerator sticker × 1

2020 Fukubukuro III

Starbucks Notebook × 1

Small storage bag × 1

It doesn’t matter what kind of lucky bag, product

The total value is around 17,000~19,000 yen

, 7500 yen is really cheaper than half the price…

If you’re lucky, you’ll have 2 Starmaster Limited Cups in one lucky bag, which is super cost-effective!

Because it’s cost-effective, the whole process depends on luck,

Therefore, Starbucks lucky bags are also a super popular item on second-hand websites.

After January 1 every year, you can see all kinds of dismantling and selling Xingba Fukukaku on the Japanese second-hand network. After many friends grab the lucky bag, they will leave their favorite ones and hang the unwanted items on second-hand websites.

It can only be said that Xingba Lucky Bag really earns a steady profit…

Although it is a lottery, but the operation is also convenient, in Japan, friends who like Starbucks can give themselves a name first, what if they win?

Don’t ask me if I can buy for me, if I’m lucky… Ha ha~

(Some pictures come from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)


Canvas tote bag × 1

Canvas tote bag × 1

Fukubukuro limited stainless steel thermos flask ×1

Fukubukuro limited stainless steel thermos flask ×1

Picnic mat × 1

Beverage rolls × 6

Beverage rolls × 6

2 packs of coffee beans ×

2 packs of coffee beans ×

Refrigerator sticker × 1

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