The editor has a question in his heart, that is, are there any misunderstandings about many boys’ views on bags? Because sometimes they are seen tucking everything in their pants bag than carrying a bag out the door.

So the editor went to understand it in general, it turns out that most boys think that backpacks are particularly girly and exclusive to girls. This is very wrong, in fact, the boy has his back to the bag, concave the cool and handsome shape is completely fine, if you still don’t know what bag to buy, just look at Amway below!



Boys who understand fashion must have long understood the fanny bag, after all, this kind of fashion cutting-edge item is simply not too fashionable to carry on the body. A waist pack can also be called a chest bag. At first, it felt a bit like a bag carried by a conductor, but when I carried it on my back, I found that this bag fire made sense, because it was very attractive, and it could be easily combined with clothes to create a cool feeling.


Tote bag

In addition to the waist bag, the tote bag is also a good thing for many fashionistas’ concave shape, the tote bag is very practical in the eyes of the editor, because its shape is a bit similar to the shopping bag, so the capacity makes me feel much better than other bags, every time I go out, it is completely enough to pack personal items, or a tote bag for short-term travel is also completely OK.

Although tote bags are a bit similar to shopping bags, they are much more fashionable than shopping bags, after all, this classic bag is still indispensable for fashion elements. For example, the printed canvas tote bag is particularly stylish in the hand, not old-fashioned and practical.


Carry it cross-body

The last thing to say is that the cross-body bag is the true love of Xiaobian, especially in summer, a cross-body bag can not only hold the belongings on the body, but also will not look cumbersome and complicated, creating a refreshing and capable summer outfit for you. However, among the many styles of cross-body bags, the workwear-style cross-body bag is more suitable for boys, not girly and easy to match clothes.

So if you really don’t know how to choose a bag, it’s better to try the 3 styles mentioned by Xiaobian today, versatile and daily, not only practical, but also a lot of points for the look when you go out on the street every day.

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