Even if there are often a variety of stunning photos of male gods and goddesses on social networks, even if the world really becomes a negotiable appearance of Yan Hao, the curves of the body are still worth appreciating in addition to the face. Spring pants are light and elegant, easily revealing the best posture of the legs. Who said that love at first sight, lines don’t matter?

White ripped jeans

Even now is an era that is truly named as looking at faces, but appearance became an important trade-off many years ago. This rule does not apply only to people, but is especially evident in the choice of pants. The holes are small and uninhibited, while the white willfully outlines the lines. Who dares to say that love at first sight has nothing to do with hue?

Mid-rise folded small leg jeans

Thin into small bird legs, you can wear small leg pants casually to make a personal style. But in fact, under the mainstream of the thin people occupying the aesthetic highland, it is countless slightly fat sisters who kneel for the secret recipe for weight loss, while noodles tears looking for suitable and thin leg trim clothes. The slender organ stripes folded in folds are trying to slim down every minute.

Mid-rise small-legged jeans

Spring denim pieces come in a light luxury, from coats to shirts to pants, from primary colors to snowflakes to embroidery prints, denim comes in countless forms. The charm of the Little Feet series is enduring, and the slight rubbing of the thighs provides a direction for attention to be diverted.

Patch Harem jeans

Harlan’s pants have been a bit hip-hop since a long time ago, and it is natural that they will refocus their attention on the original because of their loose appearance. The diagonal zipper, the flag-style patch print, the signature micro-drum at the pocket, and the line of the small leg trousers go from thin to back to thin.

Buttoned denim suspenders

I want to say hi, cowboy, it turns out that you are here, and your mind can’t help but think of the youthful vitality of the strap. Spring should be the day when strap conjoined denim is all the rage, and finding a good underwear is not a problem. It does not particularly reduce age, and the clean lines of the basic model are very spontaneous.

Harlan small foot jeans

Compared with the straight leg, small leg pants are a junior who needs to be pampered and pampered in Harlan’s eyes. Its looseness and its close-fitting tightness are almost a pair of anti-synonymous existences, but Little Feet still stubbornly decided to give it a try. The result was unexpectedly good, with Harlan’s slight relaxation, the little fat legs can also bravely try it.

High-waisted PU leg pants

Last autumn and winter’s leather pants were popular all season, and the similar temperature in spring and autumn is obviously suitable for the PU small leggings that take turns out of the wardrobe to breathe and bask in the sun that has not been seen for a long time. The advantage of a high-waisted fit to cinch the abdomen combined with the natural nature of being short and tall, look at how great the matte texture on the street is accompanied by the extended lines of the legs.

Candy-colored high-rise stretch leggings

In a way, stretch pants put themselves on the dividing line by wrapping their legs 100% without leaving a single gap. There is nothing more than long legs to it, and at the same time there are very few fat legged girls keen to wear it. So hurry up and lose weight, the candy is hot and beautiful, how can you bear to snub it?

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