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Hello everyone, I’m a sister. My shoe size is about 40, and the women’s shoes in domestic shopping malls are generally the largest size 39, so I basically can’t buy shoes that I can wear in the mall. Later, thanks to the Internet, the choice space expanded to the whole world. I gradually found that many girls with big feet like me have had trouble buying shoes, so let’s share my experience of buying shoes.

Since the almighty Taobao, buying plus-size shoes is no longer a luxury. But those who have bought it know that the level of women’s shoes on Taobao is uneven, and if you are lucky, you can find cheap shoes, and most of the time you buy it back and find that the hard ones are dead and the feet are serious and can not be worn at all.

This article is dedicated to recommending some brands, comfortable to wear, stable quality, once selected, once and for all, it is right to buy according to this brand in the future, saving time and effort.

Some fashion bloggers from self-media will also share their experience of buying shoes, but sometimes it is advertising, and sometimes they follow the recommended links to find that they can’t afford to buy them. So I will also recommend some purchase channels later so that I can start at the right price. Rest assured, they are all mass channels, and as a person with poor exploration ability, you will definitely be able to buy what I can buy.

Before buying shoes, say shoe size

Anyone who has bought shoes in China knows how magical shoe sizes in China are. If measured by domestic shoe sizes, I can wear them from size 38 to 42. Trekking through thousands of mountains and rivers on the way to buy shoes, I know

Only long feet don’t deceive

。 Shoe size is also constantly tried and tested, how many pairs of shoes that cannot be worn back have achieved an understanding of their feet.

Foot length measurement method

: Standing on a horizontal ground, measure the vertical measurement from the horizontal position at the very tip of the toe to the horizontal position at the last point of the heel. (Schematic image from Amazon)

When buying shoes on Amazon, a size reference table is provided

Some brands of shoes will come in several different width sizes, and Amazon will also provide them

X-Narrow: S/3A;

Narrow: N/2A;

Medium 😀 (M) / B (M);

Wide: W / C;

X-Wide: XW/E.

My foot data, for reference

Get down to business and start recommending shoes

The following recommendations are categorized by brand, and are not subdivided into spring, summer, autumn and winter, formal and casual, high heels and flat bottoms. These brands have no interest in me.



Buying women’s shoes can’t avoid Clarks. British brands, Oxfords and desert boots are more famous, but there are many other styles as well. You don’t have to know its history, just know that it’s easy to wear, full of comfort. Many of Clarks’ shoes look like granny shoes, which are old-fashioned, but can also find fashionable styles. Taobao has flagship stores, but the price is a bit expensive. Amazon has a large amount of stock and the price is reasonable, it is recommended to buy from Amazon.

Clarks flats Amulet Myth

, the starting price is 399 yuan. Work shoes, generous and decent. But now this one is no longer sold. The 39 yards I bought at that time, don’t be awkward for a while, and then I knew that it was time to buy 39.5 yards, that is, UK6, which was relatively stable.

Voyage Hop women’s closed-toe sandals

, the starting price is 256.82 yuan. The disadvantage is that the lace buckle is a real buckle, and you have to do it to button every time you wear shoes, which is more troublesome; Unlike domestic shoes, the buckle is fake, and a tick will do. I have bought several pairs of sandals of foreign brands.

Sandcastle Ray sandals

, the starting price is 231.74 yuan. After putting it on, the foot is a little forward, and the comfort is low. Just as lightning protection.

Maypearl Edie women’s Chelsea boots

, the starting price is 509.47 yuan. Good to wear without explanation.

Oxford shoes, this pair was purchased by my cousin in England, about 500. At that time, I was not sure about my shoe size, and I bought a size 6.5, which was bigger, and I felt like a man.


Sam Edelman

Wearing Sam Edelman, whether you can outperform dinosaurs is unknown, but comfort is real. Circus by Sam Edelman is his side line, leaning more towards younger users. It is a fashion brand, just search for it, it looks good. Taobao has a flagship store, which is also expensive, and it is recommended to buy a cheap version on Amazon.

Patti straps sandals on a stiletto heel

, the starting price is 401.87 yuan. Classic versatile and very comfortable. The heel height is 3.25 inches (about 8 cm), which is even manageable for me who does not wear high heels often. The front strap is slightly tighter, so it won’t happen that the toes rush forward because of the slope of the heels. The buckle is also less convenient. Buy size 8 for high heels.

Valencia sandals

, the starting price is 204.76 yuan. Because a lot of balls are cute, we all call it sister shoes. The front strap is actually a clip foot, so you still have to buy it according to the size of the flat shoe, otherwise it may get stuck in the toe seam.

Ritchie ballet flats

, 298 yuan. There are more looks, and if there are no decors it will be cheaper, they are all basic. It felt a little the first foot, but later felt soft and comfortable to knock. Wear it to work or activities, it is more formal and will not be tired.

Velvet Fallon ballet flats

, the starting price is 70 knives (about 455 yuan). I bought it when I bought wedding shoes on SHOPBOP, and I bought it as a size 8 of high heels, so it was a little small and tight. Pair with velvet and ribbons to feel like a little princess. Softness is also exemplary.


Badgley Mischka

Daisy sequined shallow shoes

, purchased for 99 knives (about 643 yuan). The main reason for buying shoes of this brand is to buy wedding shoes. Basically, Internet celebrities recommend Jimmy Choo, RV or something, can’t stand it. I found this brand on Amazon, and most of them are suitable for matching dresses. At that time, the price was also expensive on Amazon, and I found a store on Taobao to buy a pair, which was cheap, but it felt fake and uncomfortable to wear. LATER, WHEN I SAW THAT SHOPBOP WAS ON SALE, I IMMEDIATELY STARTED IT. It is recommended here because it looks good and wears, and if you have the opportunity, you will definitely repurchase the type.



Stockard heels

, the starting price is only 176.72 yuan. It is also a brand found on Amazon, and the shoe style is a bit similar to Clarks, more old-fashioned, but comfortable. Although you can’t wear it half a size bigger, you can still feel its comfort deeply.


NetEase carefully selected

At NetEase Yanxuan, I only bought a pair of snow boots. Because back then only snow boots were 40 yards. Now look at it, many good-looking looks are also out of 40 yards, and the price is good. These snow boots are said to be made by UGG manufacturers, and they feel similar to the authentic ones I wore before, and they are in the ranks of those who can be started. Start with a discount of 229 yuan.

Purchase channels


It is the most convenient purchase channel in my experience, basically do not worry about authenticity, and the registration and purchase process is convenient enough. The disadvantage is that overseas purchases and returns are somewhat troublesome, so it is better to buy the shoe size again, and the error rate is relatively low. I once bought a pair of sandals, chose size UK6, and sent me a pair of size US6, and I was asked to return to the UK by calling customer service, and the freight had to be paid in advance. The last option was for Amazon to return some of my shoes, and then I gave those shoes to someone else. Amazon now has Prime members to buy, if you often shop on Amazon, Prime members over 200 yuan can be exempted from overseas postage, which is more cost-effective.


On “What is worth buying”, you often see product recommendations from overseas websites. The downside of these sites is that you may not use them very often, and some sites are only in English, so registration can be a threshold, and each login can block a group of people because they forget their passwords. The good thing is that sometimes you can really buy great value.

, not much to say, mobile APP, Jingdong flagship store, Netease Kaola sea purchase flagship store can be found, discounts are often available, optimistic and then order.

I’m not very good at buying sneakers, so I won’t go into detail here. In short, it is right to look for international big names such as Adidas, Nike, PUMA, and Tiger

Remember to choose the shoe size according to the length of the foot

, comfort is never a concern.

The above is the sharing of Bigfoot’s sister’s experience in buying shoes, and I hope that those who see it can gain something.

NetEase carefully selected

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