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It is often said that the three major parts of electric vehicles: motor, battery, controller, they are the most important components of electric vehicles, but in fact, there is another part, small connoisseurs feel that they can be compared with these three parts, that is, tires, which are parts that integrate safety and driving, and have a great effect on transportation.

Then, as the core parts of the tire, as the owner of the car it is necessary to understand some knowledge about it, the little connoisseur will share with you today, the 2 core content of the tire, the first is when to change the tire, the second is what kind of tire will be better, I hope to through such an article, so that the owner can understand the knowledge of choosing tires.

How often are the tires of electric vehicles changed?

Tires are parts in direct contact with the road, if you do not replace it in time, the first is to cause tire slip resistance to deteriorate, easy to cause traffic accidents, the second is to cause the vehicle to be more likely to be punctured tires, which is the situation that the owner does not want to see, and timely replacement of tires, can avoid these two things to the greatest extent.

As for the time to change tires, my recommendation is that the maximum service life of front tires should not exceed “3 years”, while the maximum service life of rear tires should not exceed “1 and a half years”.

Why the front and rear tire replacement time is not the same: even if the front and rear tires are a brand, their life is actually very different, the main reason is that the rear tire is driven, it needs stronger grip, therefore, its wear consumption will be greater, and the life will be shorter.

To what extent the tyres are worn, they must be replaced

: Of course, the above time is only a general suggestion, according to the owner’s car intensity, the road conditions of the driving section are different, the time will still be different, a better judgment method, or according to the actual situation of wear to judge whether it needs to be replaced, rear wheel tires as an example, the picture above

The tire has obviously undergone wear, and the recessed pit of the tire pattern has been worn by about one-third to two-thirds, at this time, it is recommended to replace the tire

The tires of electric vehicles have vacuum tires and steel wire tires, which is better?

When you need to replace the tire, you are faced with what kind of tire to choose, if the electric vehicle wants to be more durable, ordinary tires are not recommended to choose, and the current mainstream of electric vehicle tire selection has 2 kinds, the first category is vacuum tires, is the most common tire of electric vehicles, the second type is steel wire tires, then, these 2 kinds of tires, which one will be better?

The difference between tubeless and wire tires

To understand which tire will be better, first understand their differences, vacuum tire and wire tire I summarized 3 differences;

(1) The price is different, due to the difference in process and material, the price of vacuum tires will be slightly higher, more expensive than steel wire tires;

(2) The structure is different, the vacuum tire is mainly composed of carcass, cord and outer tread, while the outer tire will be thicker and better wear resistance, while the steel wire tire is composed of double-layer tires, its shock absorption comfort will be better.

(3) The difference in life, the choice of tire durability is also key, and compared with the two, the life of the wire tire will be slightly better, because it is a double-layer tire, as long as it is not completely broken, you can continue to ride, but the vacuum tire is no way, but you can also increase the life of the vacuum tire by adding an inner tube.

Recommendations for the selection of tubeless and wire tires

After reading the difference between vacuum tires and steel wire tires, the little connoisseur will share that about these 2 kinds of tires, how should the owner choose, can achieve optimization, my suggestions are:

If you are driving a two-wheeled electric vehicle, my suggestion is a vacuum tire, although it cannot repair the tire, but the vacuum tire can continue to ride after being punctured halfway, which is very practical, and the electric car generally does a good job of shock absorption, and the advantages of steel wire tires are not obvious enough.

If you are driving an electric tricycle, my recommendation is to choose wire tires, its cost is lower, and the shock absorption effect will be better, this is what you want to achieve when transporting items, and the general shock absorption system of tricycles is general, will not be as exquisite as electric vehicles, therefore, wire tires are more suitable.


: Tires are important parts that should not be ignored, it is closely related to driving safety, as a car owner, should pay attention to its performance, now the car is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system as standard, is to better pay attention to the tire situation, of course, electric vehicles, electric tricycles can not do this, but the owner should test themselves, especially the front wheels of electric vehicles used for 3 years, the rear wheels used for one and a half years, tires to see, whether they need to be replaced, and replace wire tires or vacuum tires, You can decide according to your needs.

So, how often are your EV tires changed? Which do you think is better, steel wire tires or tubeless tires? Everyone is welcome to comment and exchange.

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