Flat shoes are comfortable and fashionable to wear, and many girls have changed from high heels to flat shoes~ Today we will learn what are the popular women’s flat sandals in 2018, I believe you will also lose a pair after reading it!

<<< strappy series sandals

In 2018, the strappy series is still very popular this year! It looks fashionable and a little retro, and can also decorate your jade feet~ This lace-up flat sandal style is very low-key but unique, the design of the toe cap is very personal, some like the old era of wood sieve, it looks really refreshing. Girls must have this flat sandal in spring and summer, super good to wear clothes~

An idyllic pair of lace-up flat sandals that reveal your entire beautiful feet. The unique lace-up design makes a statement and stylish, and a flat sandal that is comfortable to wear without losing style, and of course you will have a pair in your shoe cabinet. Whether it’s paired with a midi skirt or short skirt, shorts are so good-looking!

<<< Lady Sandals

If you want to look more understated, wear this traditional sandal style! However, in the popular women’s flat sandals in 2018, the design of this traditional style has changed from the old fashionable style to a modern trendy element. For example, lace and rhinestones, etc., give people a much trendy feeling, and they look very ladylike to wear.

You can also add pearls to the laces of flat sandals, which is also a popular element this year! The pearl ornaments on the laces look so elegant and ladylike, and they look like they can arouse the girl’s heart. Girls with good feet must have this one, and it is suitable for any clothes.

<<< the fashion series of sandals

These strappy sandals are perfect for pairing with small-legged jeans and look really stylish. Toe sandals are also a very popular style in 2018, plus the belt in the middle looks more vintage, which can make your feet look better. A stylish sandal for all girls, girls hurry up and lose! Girls who don’t have beautiful feet can wear it~

The rivet element seems to be on fire to 2022, which is really very attractive and atmospheric. The flat sandals with rivets and lace-up elements are simply too characteristic, and they are so fashionable no matter how they are worn. In the comfortable and refreshing spring and summer, if you don’t have a pair of beautiful flat sandals in your shoe cabinet, it is really too much!

With spring and summer just around the corner, girls can start preparing a few fried chicken and beautiful flat sandals for themselves!

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