There is also a kind of headphones that we use daily, earphones with very good sound insulation that is the head-mounted Bluetooth headset, the use of headphones feels soft, the ears will not be like the earphones worn in the ear, the ears will be swollen and painful, and when playing games, it is not afraid of people to make noise, after wearing it is like playing in an Internet café, it is very feeling, and you can enjoy the feeling of an Internet café at home.

Paragraph 1:


Over-ear Bluetooth headset

This headphone shows both ears, we are more engaged when listening to sound, and we can also immerse ourselves in music while enjoying it. The sound quality of the headphones is mainly stereo, as if the sound is coming from overhead, the sound quality is full and magnetic. And it has


The active noise reduction mode can make the world clean at once, and at the same time will not be unable to hear the other party’s voice when calling, and this headset also has the ability to make calls, the whole scene of high-definition calls, sentences can be heard clearly by the other party. The earphone is a full-wrapped ear biological protein skin earmuff, not only soft and comfortable and does not press the ears, the breathability of the earphone is also good, not stuffy sweat at all, summer use is also very breathable and not hot, the resistance of the battery is also greatly improved, deep noise reduction


, can be used continuously and all the time


hours for a long time, but also able to plug in the play into a wired headset Bluetooth headset, can be used in two ways, using Bluetooth


The version has a stable connection, goodbye to stuttering, and is not disturbed.

Section 2: Rambler (



Active noise cancelling Bluetooth headset

The designers designed this head-mounted bluetooth headset is really light, wearing the head will not feel the pressure on the neck, and will not make the ears feel strange, there will be no extra burden, and the headset with hybrid active noise cancellation can be turned on to stay out of the noise, can enjoy beautiful music exclusively, and the deepest can reduce noise


This depth, the headphones are also very powerful, and the sound is also clear and smooth, and there is a mode that can play games, with strong durability



Hours of time.

The third model: Sony (





The sound of the driver unit is powerful and powerful, and the sound is more intriguing and can be enjoyed in it, and the outside design is also simple, and it can be folded up when not in use, and can be played for up to a long time after wearing


hours, really enjoy playing, the comfort of wearing is also extremely high, soft ears are comfortable, and you can also talk on the phone very clearly.

Over-ear Bluetooth headset

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