The fast-paced life is always exhausting and stressful, and music is like a spice to relieve stress and relax.

Imagine when people drive to the traffic jam, if there are passengers singing along with the music at this time, the closed car turns into a KTV scene in seconds, and the boring mood instantly dissipates; Or when friends gather to play outdoors, friends improvise a song, is this scene intoxicating? This is why KTV and online karaoke software have become so popular in recent years, when people are immersed in singing, release happiness, but also feel the charm of music.

In the automotive aftermarket market, there is also such a company that focuses on K songs and uses microphones to deliver happiness –


, the latest launch

Panoramic large-screen vehicle KTV-Q5

Open up inside and outside the car, with excellent sound quality performance and multi-scene K song mode to win the love of men, women and children.

Excellent sound quality performance, restore the most realistic and delicate sound

As a carrier to transmit with “sound”, the quality of sound directly determines the sense of user experience, and it is used

Horns, DSP processors, marks and signs

and other audio configuration choices are particularly important.

Fart, bump insect panoramic large screen car KTV built-in

Dual 6W high-fidelity high-power speakers with quad-core DSP digital sound field processing

, revolutionary technology improvement, independent processing of vocal high, medium and low frequency timbre structure, to achieve the perfect combination of vocal and accompaniment, interpret the stage-level high-fidelity HiFi effect, restore the most real, delicate and fullest sound.

At the same time, the fart insect panoramic large-screen car KTV is adopted

High-definition dynamic markup for precise and sensitive sound pickup, customized drive double-layer honeycomb, solid shock-absorbing outer ring design, and laminated stability technology

, can effectively offset the internal and external sound wave impact, to ensure the stability and smoothness of the timbre, so that the sound is clearer and purer.

Intelligent noise reduction processing to make your voice more beautiful

There are also many people who love to sing in life, but they think that their five notes are incomplete and they are often afraid to show it. This panoramic large-screen car KTV can well modify the voice, make the sound more beautiful, and let more people who love singing participate.

Fart-bumper panoramic large-screen car KTV adopts

Intelligent noise reduction processing, can isolate noise, enjoy pure vocals, high-resolution vocals are clearly recorded

, further noise reduction and beautification of the recorded original sound, can make your voice more wide, not only have the echo sound, but also can modify some small problems and problems in your voice, so that your voice sounds more beautiful.

At the same time, fart panorama large screen car KTV settings

Three-stage EQ equalization button adjustment

, so that users are very convenient to operate, the elderly and children can easily get started.

Multiple scene modes, one-click K songs to switch at will

If you think that the fart panorama large-screen car KTV can only sing in the car, then it is too underestimated to see its power.

It is different from the K song products with relatively single scenes on the market, and the fart panorama large-screen car KTV

Open up inside and outside the car, support vehicle, TV, mobile phone three-screen interaction, with car KTV mode, mobile phone K song mode, professional mode and Maiba mode

, can meet people’s car singing, home singing, party play, foreign music, live broadcast hi, hosting and other scenarios.

When the user sings in the car, the fart panorama large-screen car KTV is fully wirelessly connected, self-driving travel, and singing all the way in the car makes the journey more interesting; Sing at home, accompany family, increase the sense of interaction, bedroom and living room anytime, anywhere, open and sing; As well as outdoor play, singing at any time, and meeting the use of live broadcast and hosting, it can be said that the K song scene is fully covered, so that happiness is everywhere.

In addition, the fart is also quite powerful and built-in in terms of battery life

2600 mAh large capacity battery

, a charge of about 2-4 hours, the use time can reach 5-7 hours, do not worry about the embarrassing situation of insufficient power during use.

Summary: The fart panorama large-screen car KTV not only has excellent sound quality performance, but also combines the three screens of mobile phones, car machines and TV screens into one, from inside to outside the car, to meet people’s multi-scene K song entertainment needs, so that people can enjoy the fun of K songs. If you love to sing, are you also moved?

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