Nowadays, there are many graduates, in society, form a ant family, and the simple wardrobe in the life of the ant family is the best choice. The simple wardrobe is a cloth wardrobe, which is very popular among young college graduates. So, which brand is good? Let’s take a look.

Which brand of simple wardrobe is good

Which brand of simple wardrobe is good one: Home Wanda

How is the home of the home, the quality of the cabinet is good, the color is small, the pattern cartoon is cute, there is no odor, the workmanship is fine, the edge angle treatment is very good, the assembly is simple and convenient, the capacity is suitable, is the product development and manufacturing, Sales service, brand promotion is a home supplies, and the simple wardrobe is very good.


Which brand of simple wardrobe is good 2: Guan Dar

Which brand of simple wardrobes is good? Guan Dar should be a good brand. Guanda Xingxing Co., Ltd. is a household goods enterprise integrating product development and manufacturing, sales service, brand promotion. It is also the largest production and development, production and sales base in China’s largest production.

Which brand of simple wardrobe is good three: beautiful home

In 2007, the beautiful family was born. Previous company has been another brand in operating small furniture. The main sales channel is the major supermarket system represented by Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Fashion furniture, home products that are dedicated to creating a beautiful little family. This has become a good choice for simple wardrobe brands.

Which brand of simple wardrobe is good four: IKEA home

IKEA is a Swedish furniture store is a transnational private home supplies retail company. IKEA brands have always been touched by people’s quality of life, and adhering to the business tenet of “as much as possible to provide them to be burdened, the design is good, the design is complete, the price is low). This brings a lot of benefits to our home, and at the same time, it is also relatively popular in the simple wardrobe brand.


Which brand of simple wardrobe is good five:

In 2011, Shenzhen Mingshan Yi Home Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the company integrates scientific research, development, production, sales service. . The simple wardrobe is also a more thin customer love in Shenzhen.

Simple wardrobe installation

The first step in the simple wardrobe installation:

The installation of the simple wardrobe first must recognize the various parts of the simple wardrobe. Generally, each of the simple wardrobes per different specifications have different signs to different parts, according to these indications, it can be well installed.

Simple wardrobe installation second step:


First, the bottom frame of the simple wardrobe is built according to the surface structure. The general framework is made of two aspects. The above is part, and below is part, the lower part is set up, you can put it in the wardrobe. It is not the entire framework to put it into the wardrobe cover.


Simple Wardrobe Installation Step 3:

After the wardrobe sleeve can be installed, you can install the above, so a simple wardrobe is installed.

What is the simple wardrobe?

In the use of the simple wardrobe, the most important thing is to use the fabric as a manufacturing material. Because this will directly affect the practicality of its use, and beautiful. Under normal circumstances, the ordinary material of the cloth wardrobe is non-woven fabric, which is more common. Practical effect is general.


The more selling simple wardrobe is 100 grams of non-woven materials using the sun flower, and the simple wardrobe uses this material product relative to ordinary non-woven fabric, its effect is slightly won. The simple wardrobe with ultra-thick polyester Oxford cloth is more practical. However, this simple wardrobe price is also slightly high.

However, there are also netizens who think that canvas is the best in Oxford cloth and polyester cotton, and the polyester cotton is also separated and thickened. The cheapest is non-woven fabric. Generally, the non-woven fabric is aging for more than a year, it is broken. Because the price is cheap, it is basically used on the simple wardrobe of dozens of steel pipes. The quality is relatively poor. There is still a non-woven fabric of the film, and the mass is better than ordinary non-woven fabric, but it is more tough. Suitable for the coat of some wardrobes, but the film-containing benzene solvent has a certain harm to the human body. The best of several materials is the canvas but the most expensive, the worst is non-woven but it is very cheap.

In addition to paying attention to the cloth, there is also a stability of the wardrobe structure: the stability of the wardrobe structure is very important. After all, the main use of the wardrobe is hanging clothes and put clothes. The simple wardrobe of the steel frame is to see the thickness and weight of the steel pipe, the more heavy steel pipes are determined and durability will be relatively high. The simple wardrobe of the wooden skeleton needs to check the dryness of the wood, is not an inferior wood that is easy to remove the slag. There is also a convenience of wardrobe assembly: the ordinary wardrobe is a bunch of pipes and accessories because of assembly, from the market, it is necessary to stitch according to the instructions of the book, this time is to confirm whether the accessories are complete. Because less parts, the entire wardrobe cannot be assembled.

The above is why Xiaobian is a simple wardrobe introduced to you, I hope to help you. For more information about the simple wardrobe, please continue to pay attention to the Tiba rabbit installation network.

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