In order to extinguish this silk linen wool sock thread, a similar color was found. The Knitter, it costs 6 pounds to buy alone, and it turns out to be so wrong, it’s too far-fetched…

The original thread is very draped and thin, if you use a thread containing silk or alpaca, you can follow the original solution, if it is a general wool or cotton flat ribbon thread, press my stitch count. I’ve written it all in the tutorial.

Because there is a twist in my thread after the color difference is very large, all like stripes, so I knit the flat needle part into an upper needle, not to pursue any special effect, everyone knits it flat.

It’s hot, pluck up the courage to take a photo of your upper body.

The color difference is so large that I am speechless…

It’s not weaving stripes…

Weaving instructions:

Let’s go straight to the tutorial.

• end •

Author | murasakibaby

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