As a person who loves digital, and most of the work deals with digital products, I have to face a bunch of scattered computers, charging cables, power banks, mobile phones, headphones and other items every time I go out, in order to be able to bring them I also have a headache, after all, the things that can be put in the pocket are very limited, if it is in the backpack, it is inconvenient to take it around. Everyone should have encountered this kind of trouble, so how do I solve it? Please read on.

This light and shadow planetary cross-body bag is a new equipment that I recently started, although the price is less than 200 yuan, but in the shape and color matching are more in line with the aesthetics of young people, the most important thing is that it is easy to use, can fit a lot of things, and suddenly solves my troubles of not bringing things when I go out, and I will give you a detailed evaluation below.

This cross-body bag has two colors, namely snowflake white and starry night black, because my mobile phone and computer trunk are black, naturally the shoulder bag is also black, and I also looked at the size, the medium size can fit my 14-inch laptop, so it is not in the large size, everything is just right.


This Apollo Light and Shadow Planet Diagonal Bag is mainly simple in the overall design, without too many bells and whistles, but you can still see some highlights in some relatively small and conspicuous details.

For example, the reflective color material designed under the handle and lid of the bag will reflect when exposed to light at night, and it can also improve the feeling of handholding when used normally.

The metallic buckle straps with shiny silver at the bottom look particularly delicate, and they also carry practical functions, which we will talk about below.

The shoulder straps are designed to be wider, which can reduce shoulder pain when carrying some heavy objects, and there is also a shoulder padded pocket design on the chest, which can put mobile phones, lighters and other commonly used small items when traveling.


What I like most about its appearance is its versatile design, which allows me to put all the gear I need to take away from home, and it makes much more use of interior space than backpacks.

At the front of the bag is a small sloping space with a zippered closure, which I can use to put out the usual tissues, headphones, lighters, etc., which is very convenient to use and go.

Then there’s a large pocket with more compartments for storing or dividing items, which will look very neat.

For example, every time I go out, I take a few mobile phones (for evaluation or photography, etc.), as well as laptops, power banks (charging mobile phones and other electronic devices outdoors), mobile phone chargers, wallets, keys, etc., which are safe and easy to access.

Of course, these partitions can be played according to their own use, such as putting books, cameras, lens sunglasses, etc., which are very suitable.

In addition, there is another highlight worth mentioning, this light and shadow planet cross-body shoulder bag has a special protection for the area dedicated to the computer, the use of shockproof air cushions on the close side, and the use of high-elastic sponges in the outward direction, which can not only isolate these more fragile electronic products, but also play a good shockproof and anti-fall effect.

Underneath the outer layer, there’s a full-open slip pocket for photographers, which can be inserted into some regular camera mounts, but also other things, such as a half-drunk drink? Umbrella? Rod? You can play on your own, anyway, just fix it with Velcro on both sides.

In addition to carrying it on the shoulder, the light and shadow planet backpack can also unzip the cloth bag behind it and put the bag on the pole of the trolley case, which is convenient and labor-saving.

Write at the end

In fact, my original intention to buy this cross-body backpack is to make a convenient picture, can carry enough items for many people do not feel troublesome, the appearance is a little better on the line, from the experience to the current situation, I am more satisfied with it, not only can meet the daily commute, travel and travel of multiple uses, but also with some sports clothes, feel that the whole person looks younger.

And this light and shadow planet shoulder bag is priced at less than 200 yuan on various platforms, and I feel happier to buy such a multifunctional backpack at such a fragrant price than I spent 8,000 yuan on an Apple phone.

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