After selection, I chose this recognizable barrel square watch, with a double-sided cutout design, super metal texture, fully automatic mechanical movement, after wearing, with a slight swing of the arm can automatically wind, do not worry about forgetting to wind and stop.

Double-sided openwork, mechanical aesthetics:

After a few days of wearing, the walking time is stable and accurate, the head is comfortable to hold when adjusting the time, and the double-sided hollow design is my favorite place, you can intuitively see the mechanical structure inside the watch, the transmission and rotation of the gears. When I am usually quiet, I like to stare at the watch, observe the rotation inside, feel the passage of time, healing and beautiful ~ The charm of mechanical aesthetics is addictive.

Light and shadow flow, metallic texture:

The shape of the watch adopts a square design of wine barrels, which is very recognizable and more rigid than the traditional round shape, which is more suitable for men. Sandblasted matte metal shell that does not leave fingerprints, and is not afraid of the usual wear and tear of life and sweat erosion. The deep matte black casing contrasts with the shiny gears inside. Between the flow of light and shadow, the texture is fully displayed~

Curved mineral crystal, skin-friendly silicone strap:

The double-sided hollow design, with curved mineral crystal, is transparent and wear-resistant, and the hardness is extremely high, effectively preventing the mirror from scratching. Excellent light transmittance, you can clearly and intuitively feel the beauty of machinery. The thick and skin-friendly silicone strap has a delicate texture and is not easy to stain, and it is more convenient to clean. On closer inspection, the details are perfectly designed and the workmanship is excellent.

Tough charm, 3ATM waterproof:

The shape is very recognizable, with hard lines and concave and convex metal texture, which is very suitable for men to wear, it is simply walking hormones. Dressing and matching, salt or sweet, whether it can be a cargo suit or sports casual, it will be a delicate work of art on your wrist as the finishing touch to the overall outfit. It supports 3ATM waterproofing, so you can wear it safely even when it rains.

Like personality, do not like to follow the trend, refuse to be defined, may be the label that this watch brings us. The bracelet is also given with the watch, if you also think it looks good, go and see it~

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