Light luxury style is quite popular in modern society, it is exquisite and elegant, fashionable atmosphere, exquisite materials, harmonious color matching, with a unique modern style to stir our vision, giving people a unique living experience. The so-called light luxury, based on simple style, and then through some exquisite soft decoration elements, as well as high-end materials to enhance the texture, pay attention to details, everywhere reflects the delicate, exquisite space style. Today, the editor recommends three light luxury style coffee tables for everyone, I hope you can like it.


In the long river of history, Turri has made many major change decisions, experienced more than 90 years of historical baptism and precipitation, transformed the luxurious and classic Italian style and image, all the way, and is still active in the forefront of international home furnishing. The word change is often daunting. For Turri, however, change can be an infusion of inspiration and energy to pursue the intuition we believe will take Turri to a whole new landscape.

Turri was originally known for its superb handwork. From the first chest of drawers to the most recently produced products, the company’s three simplest and most basic philosophies are epitomized: originality, authenticity and uniqueness. Originality seems to have taken root in Turri’s designs, whether it’s a single home or a complete set, it shows Turri’s respect and love for luxury design.


Today, Baxter has become a model of combining technology and art, and has changed the simple traditional manufacturing industry, Baxter can provide humanized and artistic design solutions, and transform into a more comprehensive service industry. Image consultants, architects, art collectors and designers combine creativity and practice day in and day out to create the success and brilliance that Baxter is today.

Baxter represents the origin of the DNA of Italian family businesses, stemming from the love of materials and accompanying their manufacturing culture. With a global background, it starts from British taste and evolves, making leather a unique product through innovative artistic processing. This family story begins with a love of leather and grows thanks to human capital, the people we work with and the self-comparison with us every day.


Cantori, a well-known furniture brand from Italy, combines brand culture with Mediterranean style, using pure, bright colors and highly affinity furniture design style to create a comfortable, quiet and elegant home environment. And is committed to promoting this Mediterranean home style to the world, without being too ostentatious, to meet the taste needs of contemporary people who pursue fashion and advocate individuality.

With its graceful streamlined curves combined with a wide range of material combinations and exquisite designs, Cantori can easily capture the favor of customers, but only when touching soft decoration and exquisite handmade decorative artwork, and touching the feel of materials, will you truly appreciate that Cantori’s quality in the world of furniture cannot be imitated and surpassed.

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