Hi Hello everyone, I am a fashion blogger He Youqiang, take you to “analyze the shape” together, become beautiful and beautiful!

Who says that women can’t be beautiful for a lifetime, as long as we have a young and positive heart, the whole person’s state will look very good, like

Xu Qing

It is a good demonstration, no matter what age is the goddess in everyone’s mind,

And the more mature she is, the more attractive she is, and she does not see that the years have left too many marks on her

Although this time it is a daily trip, it is a bold challenge

Long hooded sweatshirt

Not only does it take into account comfort, but it also outlines the curve of the S-shape!

Gray is really a very advanced color, don’t think it’s as ordinary as black and white, if we don’t dare to challenge the bright color system,

Try gray, which is both white and advanced

。 The sweatshirt dress selected by Xu Qing only integrates this one color, clean and simple, mature women can imitate this way of wearing, and the combination of solid colors is more eye-catching,

The ultra-long design can wrap the whole person from top to bottom, there may be little fairies who feel that wearing such clothes is not very convenient to move, but in fact, there is no need to worry at all, like Xu Qing’s sweatshirt skirt is matched with a split at the hem, not only has a flowing beauty in the process of walking, but also does not let the legs have a feeling of being restricted.

Hooded style

In autumn and winter can be said to be a very intimate design, can save the trouble of wearing a hat, when the wind is relatively strong we can wear the hat, so that the head and face feel warm; And sometimes it’s too lazy to comb your hairstyle, you can also solve styling problems through it.

51-year-old Xu Qing is still so beautiful! Wear a gray hooded sweatshirt and support the entire look by your appearance

, tight trousers with black platform shoes, the two can be connected together, making Xu Qing look taller, most girls like to match flat shoes when they travel daily, but they will feel that the height increase effect is not enough,

So we can try the muffin base or match it with the inner height,

Solve the problem that short and beautiful eyebrows are prone to low self-esteem because of height.

May be in the impression of many people, Xu Qing is a feminine goddess, but this appearance refreshed everyone’s new impression of her, casual and free; In fact, girls should boldly try the dressing style that they dare not try, perhaps in this way to surprise the people around them.

(1) Long trench coat

* Appear tall and thin

As we all know, Xu Qing is a very temperamental but very personal female star in the entertainment industry,

But in fact, her dress is still very simple and atmospheric

, pure white coat with pure white underwear, the whole set of looks only one color, looks more simple. And such a solid color matching is not easy to make mistakes, we can use it in life.

(2) Leather clothing

* Play cool and handsome

Although windproof and warm leather clothing is not particularly common in life, it is definitely a classic clothing match in the fashion circle, because people around us do not try such fabrics, so buying a leather jacket for ourselves in autumn and winter can make us the brightest cub in the crowd.

Short leather clothes can show the beauty of heroism, and it also has a good elongation effect on the legs, but many girls prefer longer clothing, then at this time we can also choose a leather fabric coat, which can make the whole person look heroic and sassy compared to ordinary materials, showing the charm of the scarf without eyebrows.

(3) Dressing skills in one-piece clothing

Girls who like neutral style may wish to take a look at Xu Qing’s one-piece matching this time, although it is the same design and color from top to bottom, it will not make people aesthetically fatigued,

Because jumpsuits themselves are clothing full of personality and style, they can make us go out and be more awe-inspiring

, If you like it more, it is recommended to start with army green, which is not easy to overturn, and it is a very classic color matching.

Although Xu Qing smiled sweetly, in fact, her dress can reflect that she is a special little girl with personality. Even mature women should not define the style too rigidly, and do not dress themselves too old, follow the pace of fashion, and constantly try new styles will make us young forever.

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Xu Qing is amazing! It’s fashionable to wear an extra-long hooded sweatshirt skirt to reduce age, and it doesn’t look like 51 years old

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