The backpack has the advantages of easy carrying, light weight, good wear-resistant, practicality and aesthetics, and at the same time, the characteristics of free hands make it maintain a high popularity all year round.

Remember when backpacks were the hottest, walking on the street almost all of them, but some people felt that backpacks were exclusive to students or programmers, and they were very naïve to carry at their age.

No, No, it’s naïve to think so. In the daily basic wear, the bag as an accessory can highlight a person’s style, choose the profession, personality, daily dressing style that suits you, and the backpack can also make your temperament improve several levels~

Competent workplace style

A white shirt or suit is a daily necessity for 9-to-5 office workers, and a black tote or small satchel is standard. But next time, why not use a backpack to bring some new tricks and small changes to the dull professional outfit! It also allows you to show your matching skills and ingenuity!

Black backpacks are the best choice for everyday wear for the royal sister in the workplace, and the pure black simple style is classic and versatile. Due to the simple style, if you want to stand out, you can choose a leather backpack with excellent quality and unique texture.

The simple long-sleeved white shirt with a short black leather skirt is very OL style, and the same simple style of black backpack is used to make it more professional.

In addition to this simple black backpack, the workplace royal sister can also choose a black backpack with a little sense of design, and the large metal pieces and long tassels are really beautiful and handsome.

The two thin straps on the backpack flutter in the wind, adding a touch of interest to the dull professional suit.

The small red tassel adorns the dull backpack while echoing the red pouch to bring the grey-toned professional suit to life.

There is also this black and blue contrast bucket bag, which can also be very OL, but it is best to choose a low-key color.

After talking about black, and the backpack with black and white panels is equally good-looking, and the boxy silhouette supports the whole body, and it is also very textured.

For this kind of workplace style that is a little more varied than a full professional suit, you can use a black and white square backpack to echo it end-to-end.

The black suit with black and white shoes is very everyday to wear, but a khaki backpack breaks the dullness and becomes the eye.

The Miss missided sunnies pink jacket with a gray sweater and blue shirt, black suit pants underneath, and black low-heeled shoes are actually very suitable for daily work, and a light gray Sarenza backpack highlights the dazzle of the gray sweater.

Casual cool girl

If backpacks are the icing on the cake for professional wear, then in casual style they must be the home of backpacks! Cool girls who carry backpacks are really handsome, and this kind of girl exudes endless charm.

Sporty dress is most suitable for adding a leather backpack, red, black and white is the most tacit combination, the big flower arm looks the whole person ruffian, one word: handsome!

In addition to leather bags, canvas backpacks are definitely a must-have for hipsters. The Chanel graffiti backpack has a punk girly feel, with a panel jacket or a sleek sleeveless dress with a neutral beauty.

Hailey Baldwin wore an AFVandevorst yellow dress, Off-White “For Walking” fall/winter 2017 blue boots, and a Louis Vuitton brown backpack to play the contrast so handsome.

Compared with shoulder bags that emphasize too much fashion, the backpack style allows you to easily free your hands and relax in the joyful atmosphere of traveling, and at the same time, the vest with a large V-neck is more thin and tall and sexy!

Kaia Gerber looks handsome and laid-back wearing a black backless vest, jeans and Converse sneakers, a navy newsboy hat and a Louis Vuitton backpack.

Boyfriend T-shirt with vintage Vans sneakers, legs longer than 10 cm, denim blue backpack a bit like a backpack in the school days, the whole person looks playful and lively.

Most girls like casual dressing, simple and energetic. For them, backpacks for everyday wear are essential. Pair a camouflage backpack with a pure black and white outfit, casually but showing the careful skill of matching, and the jacket tied to the waist is eye-catching and stylish.

The same black and white combination, the boxy black backpack is less wild and more idyllic than the camouflage backpack.

Marques’ Almeida skinny sweater with dazzling Marques’ Almeida black and white plaid flared pants, there is a mature femininity, a black playful and cute Tory Burch backpack, making the whole suit look urban and modern.

Maria Duenas Jacobs uses a blue sweater with a white midi skirt, a knotted crimson scarf, and a white playful backpack, which is a bit special and suitable for most casual girls to wear daily.

Striped T-shirt + boyfriend jeans + superga sneakers, it can be said that it is very casual to dress, a gray backpack makes people look more energetic.

The houndstooth trench coat is worn with a white T-shirt and cow leg pants on the bottom, which is very suitable for bright spring, and is also a lover of casual style girl paper, carrying a bright red backpack, beautiful like a painting.

When dressing too casually, why not use an orange backpack with high color saturation and brightness for a clever collision? Moreover, it is more concave to put the bag in your hand!

Beautiful resort style

The backpack is best suited for a holiday because it is hands-free and practical. If you don’t know what kind of style to choose for vacation travel, you may wish to take the blogger fashionable essence for reference~

A simple T-shirt dress is a good choice for light travel. The pink and white contrasting letter backpack is perfectly matched with the pink trimmed T-shirt skirt, showing off the cute side to the fullest.

Pink is so girly, blue long-sleeved T-shirt skirt, white canvas shoes and pink bag covered with studds are full of girly heart, and the age is reduced a lot.

A solid backpack with high saturation colors is a must, and the grass and green backpack is paired with a floral dress, which dresses the white-skinned and yellow-haired sister like a delicate doll.

The same floral dress, collided with an LV brown backpack, makes the sweet girl and the romantic Greek island of Santorini almost one.

For the little loli of the Buddhist family who loves comfortable travel sandals, sometimes if you don’t know how to wear them, you can also choose a softer black backpack with a careful machine floral skirt, which is also beautiful~ At the same time, if the bag texture is too hard, it is not suitable for cute little girls.

More scenographic than the floral dress girls should be girls in various flowing long dresses, usually their travel is close to history and nature, a brown backpack makes them closer to nature, and has a touch of mystery.

This designer backpack is especially suitable for street photography, and its brown tones, intricate and clear details add a beautiful weirdness to the bag, and the costume of a forest girl and the nature behind it form a beautiful painting.

How to interpret the atmospheric beach style more brilliantly? Then add a brown leather backpack!

Zara’s red dress with a crisply textured brown backpack showcases a romantic and charming bohemian style.

GiG’s outfit and outfit: white dress, white backpack, bandana, necklace, belt, jewelry, usually you can’t control, but since you are traveling, let’s go out!

This contrasting jumpsuit in a soft fabric is eye-catching in its own right, and a special bamboo backpack makes the whole outfit extremely attractive.

After watching the above street photography demonstration, do you know what kind of backpack to choose?

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