It is the most common dress of modern people, and it is also an indispensable basic model in men’s wardrobes. Whether it is a student in school, an office worker in the workplace, or a hipster on the street, they all have a soft spot for shirts. Different materials of shirts are suitable for different occasions, and choosing the right shirt for you will not only add masculinity to yourself, but also create different personalities. A shirt is a top that is worn between the inner and outer tops, or alone.

The first point we know a little bit about

, according to the season can be divided into long sleeves and short sleeves, according to the style can be divided into dress shirts and casual shirts. Dress shirts can be worn alone, or used in dresses, or suits. Casual shirts can be used for suits for informal occasions, formal shirts are also known as French shirts, fitted with a small sleeve, easy to wear a coat, a stiff collar, suitable for tie, can be said to be the second skin of business men. Although many people now wear casual shirts on formal occasions, shirts have become one of the most important items to dress carefully and pay attention to etiquette when attending various meetings and negotiations.

The second point is made

The color of the shirt

, a white shirt is an indispensable item, as it can be paired with a suit of any color and a tie of any décor. For a business elite who regularly attends various meetings and negotiations, it is normal to have more than three white shirts in the wardrobe. Shirts are mainly white, dark, single tone, in addition to white, light blue shirts are also a must-have for company employees and government employees, it is a safe choice with blue suits, in addition, just the right light pink, light yellow, lilac, clean beige, silver gray and black, has now become a shirt color with suits. In addition, striped shirts are also suitable for business occasions, because between simple solid colors and complex checks, they are more lively and more simple than solid colors.

The third point is

The fabric of the shirt

Cotton shirts, especially combed cotton shirts, are the most common and acceptable fabrics, it is breathable, strong, soft and smooth, making people feel refreshing to wear, but cotton clothes are easy to wrinkle and difficult to iron, nevertheless, everyone should try to have a high-quality, well-cut shirt. Dress shirts have stiffer collars that are suitable for tie ties, and for striped shirts, cotton works better than blended shirts. In addition, the cotton blended fabric with polyester composition is more suitable, its advantages are not easy to wrinkle, the appearance is good, but this blended fabric is not breathable, not cool and comfortable, cheap. The most popular blend is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, if you want to buy a shirt with blended fabric, it is recommended to choose a cotton content of at least 50%. Because the higher the cotton content of the blended fabric, the more quality the shirt looks. Choosing a high-quality, Khmer shirt is key.

How to wear a formal shirt

Formal shirts can be worn alone and used in informal settings, such as work parties. Most formal business occasions should wear ties, capable and neat, appear more professional, business negotiations can give people a more reliable feeling. Very formal occasions, such as weddings, banquets, cocktail parties or important award ceremonies, such occasions are sometimes accompanied by black tuxedos or dress suits to enter, formal shirts with trousers, and suits or dresses, taking a simple and elegant route. Usually there is no problem with jeans and casual pants at work. If the conditions are good, it is best to go to the store and try it yourself, choose a shirt that can be perfectly supported by the body, and show your good figure.

Blue shirt

Not picky, not losing white shirts, is the first choice for yellow-skinned men. In business occasions, light blue with khaki or gray slacks, tied with a blue tie of the same color, will neither be very business, nor will it look dull, look young and fashionable. Navy blue trousers with dark blue shirt look mature and stable, wearing a capable workplace style, and the top wearing light blue, with small white shoes can wear a relaxed workplace style, remember to tie the shirt under the pants so that it will not be loose, sloppy leisure time with light pants is the most classic. Blue and white can make people think of a leisurely beach vacation, blue shirt with white slacks The overall look is more casual, and beige-toned high-waisted cropped pants can be used. Light blue suit with blue suit, the same color matching has no sense of violation at all, blue comes with elegant temperament to create a man’s Sven image, blue is very friendly to yellow and black skin, with a caramel suit that darkens the skin to brighten the skin tone, no tie, unfasten a few buttons to taste more. A navy shirt looks calm with jeans, but don’t choose tight jeans to appear mobility problems and embarrassing.

Pink shirt

If the fabric is not well chosen and cheap, so people dare not wear it, in fact, light pink with dark suits, try to choose a soft cotton blend on the fabric can make pink more eye-catching and not too feminine.

The fourth point is

How to wear a striped shirt

, stripes suitable for business occasions are simple stripes, shirt stripes are more washed denser and easier to accept, white background dark striped shirts suitable for most people, want to wear out, advanced point then replace the top with a blue background white dancing model, the shape has an interesting color, the level is obvious, reducing the difficulty of control. The blue and white color of the whole body can also make the body feel a cold nobility in summer, and the stripes of the shirt should be clear, not like washed.

Stripes have more flexible elements than white shirts, so a regular suit is also a good choice, because it has a pattern, so the suit is best to choose a solid color, and the tie color can choose dark, khaki, gray, navy are good. Striped shirts can be worn alone in summer, with a pair of elegant trousers, the shirt is tucked into the waistband, the stripes are decors, pay attention to wear a single tie, breathable to work, refreshing and stylish. It is said that the stripes are thin, in fact, there are many misunderstandings, not all stripes are thin, like thick frames, relatively large spacing stripes are counterproductive, wide stripes are easy to wear the feeling of hospital gowns. And fat men wearing stripes that are too thin and too narrow will also appear fatter, for fat men to choose


The spacing is slightly larger

is the best choice.

After talking about the content of the shirt, I hope that you old iron can gain something, improve a little every day, cheer!!!


The third point is

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